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Prof. Love Sarin
Associate Professor – Entrepreneurship
Email: love.sarin@flame.edu.in
PhD & Sc.M in Chemical Engineering from Brown University, USA; B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from Brown University, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Prof. Love Sarin is Associate Professor – Entrepreneurship and he received his Doctorate Degree and Sc.M in Chemical Engineering from Brown University, USA and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Prof. Love Sarin has over twelve years of work experience in both industry & academia. He was associated with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Reliance Industries Ltd., Navi Mumbai and Banyan Environmental, Inc., Providence, RI, USA.

He leverages his rich experience in techno-commercial development and organization building for mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and structuring the growth of their start-ups. He is an expert in the Customer Development and Customer Discovery process and is frequently invited by entrepreneurial courses, programs and incubators for invited talks on various topics and as a jury on their committees. He also advises on the structuring and management of entrepreneurship curriculum and programs to create meaningful impact. During his doctoral studies, he invented novel selenium formulations, using nanotechnology, for biomedical and environmental applications. He spun out a cleantech venture in the USA based on his innovative research work at Brown.