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Prof. Suniti Vadalkar

Prof. Suniti Vadalkar

PhD in Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad; MA-Painting; BFA (Applied) (Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai)


Prof. Suniti Vadalkar is the Head of Design, Art, and Performances at FLAME University, Pune. She is a graduate in Applied Art, Master's in Painting, and a PhD in Design. Has broad experience of over 30 years as a professional designer, entrepreneur, and academician and carries specialized research focus on Design, Art, Education, Typography, Calligraphy, and Media studies. She combines her industry experiences in classroom teaching to enable students to understand and create a bridge between both worlds. Her most current research covers 50 years of global print media advertisements, their dominant themes, transitions in themes over 5 decades, and future directions for research. Before joining FLAME, she was the founder and creative director of Cats’ Creatives, a Pune-based advertising agency. She is also a TEDx speaker.




  • AY 2019-2020 Design: Block to Block Buster ·  ISBN-13 : 978-1646786268


  • Article    “Abhyudaya School: Inclusion of Agro-Centric Primary Education in Rural India.” (21st Century Academic Forum, Harvard University, 2016)
    Fifth 21 st CAF Conference in Harvard, Boston, USA,
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