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Prof. Suniti Vadalkar

Ph.D. in Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad; MA-Painting; BFA (Applied) (Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai)


Suniti Vadalkar has two distinct phases in her work life so for. One being 'applied art' and the other the 'fine art'.

In the applied art segment, she had been the recipient of the prestigious National Ashok Jain Award from Bennett and Coleman (Times of India Group) and also, the Maharashtra State Art Award for advertising. As an entrepreneur she was the founder and Creative Director of an advertising agency, Cats' Creatives, in Pune. The core competence of her agency was creativity and it rendered services in all media ranging from films to corporate identity. She has been a visiting faculty in various reputed institutes in the areas of Design, Presentation Skills, and Exhibition Display.

She intends to pursue research in the field of creativity and advertising. As a poet and avid lover of all arts she believes in heightening the emotional (EQ) and subsequently the spiritual quotient (SQ) in students, through visual art.


Publication Remarks
PhD Thesis: Design in Newspaper Advertisements. A Case study based on Sakal. Ph.D completed [Thesis submitted in July 2013]
Design –from Manual to Machine Intellect Publishers, Bristol, London, Editing in progress
Working Paper : Concerns in Typography & Culture - A case study based on Primitive Tribal groups-Kota from the Nilgiris' 31st January 2014