Global Connect

The Global Connect initiative at FLAME University is aimed at promoting FLAME’s internationalization strategy. It supports FLAME University’s teaching, research and service around the world. It is a mutually beneficial association of the University with leading international universities, reputed institutes and internationally acclaimed research bodies. The aim of these associations, in addition to the academic enrichment of students and faculty, is to present to the FLAME community contemporary but coherent account of the various international developments, events, ideas and situations as they unfold. It provides the community an opportunity to see, understand, appreciate and confront the ongoing global developments and conflicts as current events rather than grand historical narratives that frequently obscure the sequence of events that they struggle to explain.

At FLAME University we are passionate about supporting students and faculty in their quest for international exposure through our Study Abroad, Summer Abroad, International Exchange and Research Collaboration programs.

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The Essence of FLAME University

FLAME University: Our lives are almost never one-dimensional. Our roles, responsibilities and objectives change constantly. So we ask ourselves, why limit our education to remain in one dimension? Why not making the ability to learn, adapt and apply the core objective of why we learn. At FLAME University, this is the essence of what we are trying to deliver - an experience where learning in a multi-disciplinary environment is encouraged.

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