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Different Streams for Different Dreams
"I did B.A. with Environmental Studies (EVS) major and Economics minor. The EVS major is one of the top courses offered in FLAME with a very comprehensive curriculum that was at par with international universities."
Ashutosh Vanaparthi

Ashutosh Vanaparthi

Major: Marketing
Minor: Public Policy
Student Experience

"Business and politics is not a combination you can study in most places. It’s either one or the other. But I read the news every day and I’m interested in politics and political affairs. And these days political marketing is emerging."


Alumni in Focus

A Culture of Creating Leaders
Vishal George

Vishal George

Major: Economics

Life after FLAME - Head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy NZ

Shimul Bijoor

Shimul Bijoor

Major: Environmental Studies

Life after FLAME - Master of Environmental Management from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies,USA


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Make the World Your Classroom

International Collaborations

FLAME University is committed to enhancing the educational experience of students by encouraging and providing them with opportunities to operate in multilingual and multicultural settings at an international level. This exposure adds value to the students by diversifying their learning experience; enhances their employability by having demonstrable experience of living and learning in a culture which is different from their own. Studying in a new educational setting helps them to hone their extant skills and develop new ones.

FLAME University Study Abroad

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Study Abroad Stories

Leher Agarwal

Leher Agarwal

UG Student

Semester Abroad @ Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA

A great opportunity by FLAME University that gives an exposure to western education and definitely adds immense value academically as well as in personal growth.

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Real World Learning

High-Impact Experiential Learning Opportunities
Discover India Program (DIP)

Discover India
Program (DIP)

Is an integral part of the experiential
learning component of the
undergraduate curriculum

Development Activities Program (DAP)

Development Activities
Program (DAP)

Is designed to get students to
recognize the socio-economic ground
realities of India

>FLAME Investment 
Lab (FIL)

FLAME Investment
Lab (FIL)

FLAME was founded with the concept
of liberal education as its

FLAME Centre for 
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

FLAME Centre for
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Just as the African proverb, “It takes
a whole village to raise a child”, we
believe it takes

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