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Turning academics into real-world careers

With numerous major-minor combinations, students at FLAME University have diverse career trajectories.

FLAME University’s Career Services Office (CSO) and Higher Education Counselling Services (HECS) help students fulfil their ambitions by providing them with the best available employment resources, personalised guidance and career counselling.

From building resumes, to organising placement related workshops, to providing guidance for higher education opportunities, the CSO and HECS prepare students to build robust profiles for their unique career pathways.

The CSO and HECS also work in collaboration with the Alumni Relations Office strengthening relationships with alumni and recruiters, thereby giving students equal opportunities to realise their dreams.



FLAME University CSO and HECS help students map their majors and minors to a unique career pathway. Each student's individual interests, abilities, and aspirations lie at the centre of the guidance provided at FLAME.

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At FLAME, we help each students reach their academic and professional goals. Our Higher Education Counselling Services team helps them
prepare for higher education (both in India and abroad) by assisting them in determining the right schools, preparing for
entrance exams, writing statements of purpose, and applying for admissions, among others things.

The team also aids students with the following:

Profile building throughout the undergraduate years to maximise opportunities for post-graduate admissions
Discussion of the student's experience and educational background in light of their career goals
Supporting the student in understanding Master's program timelines and their importance


FLAME provides students with an education that prepares them to face a variety of challenges, both in their professional and personal lives. Students are nurtured to become leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful in this interconnected world.

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Career planning is a continuous process at FLAME. FLAME CSO and HECS teams come with years of experience in recruitment and counselling to help students through all stages of their career - from deciding what majors they want to pursue to finding the right opportunities be it an aspirational job, internship or higher education.

For recruitment, counselling, and other career support, please connect with FLAME Career Services Office and Higher Education Counselling Services Office.

Padmanava Das
Associate Director
Career Services Office

+91 9840510876 / 9894929876

Anshika Arora
Assistant General Manager
Higher Education Counselling Services

+91 20 67906340