Story of the pioneer of Liberal Education in India

FLAME University exists to build an aspirational destination for students and faculty, to push the design and nature of studies and to create a societal upgradation phenomenon particularly in the fields of liberal education and leadership.

FLAME will be amongst India’s most reputed and respected universities. We will be the university of choice for higher education in India. We will be recognized for the impact our teaching has on our students and the community at large. Further, we will be the leader in creating and disseminating knowledge in the disciplines we offer. With that, we will pioneer the advancement of knowledge in these disciplines.

FLAME is conceptualized with a desire to give something back to society. We believe in sharing of “Gyan” or knowledge since the ultimate goal for all human beings in the accumulation of knowledge. With that dictum, FLAME aims inculcate a habit of lifelong learning and inquiry amongst students, leading to the advancement of their well-being.

Notable Guests

What They Say FLAME University

"I was so enamored, I wanted to enroll all over again. I hope the desire to learn exists with me through out. I would relish that. And recommend too. Learn. Just anything. How wonderful! The thought of preparing for examination again after having hated it 40 years ago!"
 - Amitabh Bachchan, Indian Film Actor

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