FLAME University


Story of the pioneer of Liberal Education in India


FLAME University exists to build an aspirational destination for students and faculty, to push the design and nature of studies and to create a societal upgradation phenomenon particularly in the fields of liberal education and leadership.


  1. To transform student lives by embodying the core values of liberal education: critical thinking, communication, respectful of diversity and inclusion, good citizenship, creativity and intellectual curiosity augmented with deep knowledge unconstrained by disciplinary silos by situating students at the centre of the knowledge delivery and creation process.
  2. To foster a community that attracts and retains passionate educators, creators, and enablers of knowledge who are empowered to realise their full potential in a collaborative environment where research, innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive.
  3. To foster a culture of community engagement that is innovative and collaborative to make a positive impact on matters related to education, employment, environment, arts, culture, and socio-economic life.