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FLAME University hosts as many as seven fully functional, research-oriented and dedicated research centers that continuously endeavor to translate the University’s commitment to academic prestige through higher quality research. The following Centers at the university facilitate and pursue cutting-edge research by continuously promoting and enhancing the University’s research capacity through various academic initiatives. Amongst others, these include developing networks with researchers and research centers; building linkages with industry; providing interdisciplinary training for undergraduate and postgraduate students; and by reaching out to the leading researchers internationally to augment University’s contribution to the community.

FLAME Centre for South and Southeast Asia Studies
The Centre for South and Southeast Asia Studies will be one of the few locally situated centres in the country to further research on the Indian region. The centre will aim to expand insights through research, teaching and development.
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FLAME Centre for Mathematical Modelling
The aim of the centre is to promote teaching and research in applied mathematical sciences, including the social sciences, with particular emphasis on practicality combined with academic interest.
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FLAME Centre for Case Development
The case method of teaching has gained popularity in the Education, Law, Medical, Management, Psychology, Sociology and several other professional disciplines. There are several popular case repositories like HBS Educator, ECCH, Science Case Network.
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FLAME Centre for Earth and Environment
With the growth of the population globally and in India, several critical environmental issues need to be addressed. These include the management of water resources, climate change, contamination and pollution of our environment.
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FLAME Centre for Public Policy
FLAME Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) has been conceived and created to create an impact in the academic-practicum domain of Public Policy by delivering cutting-edge inter-disciplinary education, research and engagement of civil society for moulding public opinion.
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Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Just as the African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child”, we believe it takes an ‘Entrepreneurial Village’ to raise a successful startup.
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