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Prof. Prajish Prasad
Assistant Professor – Computer Science
Email: prajish.prasad@flame.edu.in
PhD Educational Technology from IIT Bombay, 2021; MTech Computer Science, IIT Bombay, 2012; BTech Computer Science, SGGSIE&T (Autonomous),2009;

Prof. Prajish Prasad is Assistant Professor – Computer Science. He has a Doctorate Degree in Educational Technology from IIT Bombay and an MTech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay. He holds a  BTech Degree in Computer Science from SGGSIE&T (Autonomous), Nanded.

Prof. Prajish has a total work experience of over four years. After his PhD, he worked as a post doc at IIT Madras as part of NPTEL and the IITM BSc online degree program. Prior to joining his PhD, he worked as a software developer in an EdTech startup, and as an engineering instructor, teaching courses for computer science undergraduates.

His research interests are in the field of computing education research and learning analytics. He specialises in designing and evaluating technology-enhanced learning environments for topics in computer science. The focus of his doctoral research was on fostering software design evaluation skills in students. His work has been published in computing education and software engineering conferences such as ICSE and ICER.



AY 2021-22

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AY 2020 – 21

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AY 2019 – 20

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AY 2018-19

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AY 2017-18

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AY 2016 – 17

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