FLAME University


Story of the pioneer of Liberal Education in India

As we look to the future, it is clear that the skills needed to succeed in a fast-paced and ever-changing world are not necessarily those that come from just building domain expertise. Rather, they are classic liberal arts skills - the ability to think critically and creatively; the capacity to collaborate effectively with others; and the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations. This is the premise of Liberal Education, one that denotes a multidisciplinary approach to learning. Students with a Liberal Education background evolve into well-rounded individuals who are able to solve challenges in real-world situations because they have been exposed to a variety of subjects and scenarios.

FLAME University’s educational philosophy is rooted in this concept. FLAME believes that as an institution dedicated to academic excellence and personal growth, it should be a place where students can experience transformative learning that aids them in both their personal and professional journeys. FLAME students need to be able to explore their various interests and chart unique career trajectories that will propel them toward meeting their goals. FLAME is committed to providing a rigorous liberal arts education that fosters hands-on practical learning and real-world exposure. FLAME connects social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, business, design, natural sciences, fine & performing arts, communications management and computational sciences, to set the students up for long-term success. Students explore the natural interdisciplinarity of these domains by specialising in a subject of their choice while exploring its applications across other domains. This prepares them for a wide range of cross-sector career opportunities and diverse roles in the industry. For example, a Data Science major is not only preparing for a career as a Data Scientist, but will be able to use their knowledge to solve problems in various fields such as business, finance, healthcare, education, and more. This includes positions such as a Marketing or Business Intelligence Analyst at the intersection of Data Science and Business, or even a Financial Analyst at the intersection of Data Science and Economics. It is important to be both a generalist and a specialist, to avoid being limited to narrow specialisations and be prepared for future jobs that may not even exist today. 

FLAME believes that Liberal Education is the need of the hour. The challenges facing our country today require people who are able to think independently and analyse issues objectively. As a future-oriented country, we need managers and leaders who have high IQ and EQ, are socially conscious, sensitive to people, mindful of environmental issues, and have a public service mindset. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine any other form of education delivering a more complete picture of society than what liberal arts can provide. It not only focuses on academic knowledge and technical skills but also hones qualities like empathy, compassion, tolerance and humility. Furthermore, in a country like ours where we have such diversity among people from different walks of life and different regions, Liberal Education allows students to learn through these diverse perspectives. 

Liberal Education also creates and encourages experiential learning opportunities, in addition to providing a strong academic foundation. It provides a platform for students to engage with their communities through live projects, internships, and more. FLAME’s unique programs including the Discover India Program and Developmental Activities Program support this vision. FLAME fosters collaborations with renowned international universities to provide an international platform for students to develop as global citizens through student exchange programs. 

In a nutshell, we live in a complex, interconnected world, and the variety that has been created by globalisation and advances in technology is forming the structure of contemporary societies. Liberal Education helps students be prosperous and self-reliant, especially when equipped with the skills and education needed to compete in a new global economy.

At a glance, Liberal Education inculcates the following:

  • Broad knowledge of multiple disciplines
  • In-depth study of a chosen discipline
  • Differential approach to interdisciplinary learning
  • Transferable skill set
  • Ability to apply knowledge to practical real-world situations
  • Connecting the dots through various mental models
  • Habits of self-reflection
  • Contextual learning
  • Freedom of the mind
  • Lifelong learning