Story of the pioneer of Liberal Education in India

Liberal Education is a term used for a multi-disciplinary approach to education. It emphasises a learning system of education which provides a choice in courses that are varied and allows a student to explore multiple disciplines and discover what drives them the most.

Our educational philosophy is rooted in this concept. We believe that the real world does not function in isolation, and neither should knowledge. By interconnecting social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, business, design, natural sciences, fine & performing arts, communications management and computational sciences, we equip our students for an ever-changing new world. At FLAME, our students interact with various disciplines and are encouraged to address pressing world challenges through different perspectives. Our aim is to help them grow as critical thinkers and lifelong learners, as they lead purposeful lives, rather than just narrow professions. Therefore, we foster an environment that is personalised, participatory, and provides a transformational experience to aid in their personal and professional journeys.

In essence, Liberal Education inculcates the following:

  • Broad knowledge of multiple disciplines
  • In-depth study of a chosen discipline
  • Differential approach to interdisciplinary learning
  • Transferable skill set
  • Ability to apply knowledge to practical real-world situations
  • Connecting the dots through various mental models
  • Habits of self-reflection
  • Contextual learning
  • Freedom of the mind
  • Lifelong learning