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Prof. Divya Balan

Ph.D in International Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; M.Phil in International Studies; Masters in International Studies


Dr. Divya Balan is Assistant Professor with Doctorate in International Studies from the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. She is UGC-NET qualified in International and Area Studies and has been teaching for the past seven years. Her doctoral thesis was on “Immigrants Integration Policies in Britain: A Study of Indian Immigrants Incorporation 2000-2010” in which she undertook a policy level analysis that pertains to the integration measures taken by British Government during the post multiculturalist phase of 2000-2010 in response to the significant migratory flow to its territory, taking Indian immigrants’ incorporation to British society as a case study. She has visited London School of Economics and University of Derby, UK on a short-term Europe Area Studies Programme Grant to complete her doctoral thesis. She is a Political Science graduate and has her Masters and M.Phil. in International Studies. Dr. Divya has recently received an International Visiting Fellowship from the Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland to study on “Teaching and Researching on European Studies in Indian Universities”.

Dr. Divya has earlier taught in the capacity of Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science in the Delhi University (Shri Ram College of Commerce and Kamala Nehru College) and at the Department of International Relations in the Central University of Kerala. Her areas of teaching and research interests include disciplinary histories of International Studies and European Studies, international migration and migration policies, Indian diaspora, Gulf migration, and Kerala studies. Dr. Balan has received several scholarships and grants and also a member of several academic organizations. She has published a book and a number of research papers in edited books and several reputed research journals. She has also participated and presented papers in numerous international and national conferences as well as participated in symposiums outside India.


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