The Centre for Knowledge Alternatives
About Us


Werner Heisenberg, the famous quantum physicist, used to say that we see only that part of reality which is exposed to our questions.

What if we went out in search for India, without any questions in mind?

As our first project, we map district level cultures and data to understand India. We start with a few pilots.

The first project of the Centre is to collect and synthesize India’s local data and cultures, and create micro encyclopedias and chronicles. We develop a framework and execute it in a few pilot districts to begin with.

We are inspired by Gazetteers, the encyclopedic directories of various regions in India, written by the British in a major exercise to understand us. From history to agriculture, they contained everything worth knowing a place. 

We want to go beyond the Gazetteers, and evolve online chronicles, as open-source interactive databases that celebrate local stories, and inform about local developmental challenges. We build accessible, participatory and decentralized knowledge about our towns, lives and governance.