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Prof. Abhishek Sahai
Assistant Professor - Psychology
Email: abhishek.sahai@flame.edu.in
PhD in Cognitive Science, IIT - Gandhinagar; M.Sc, Cognitive Science, University of Allahabad; B.A, Psychology and Economics, University of Allahabad.

Prof. Abhishek Sahai is Assistant Professor – Psychology at FLAME University. He received his Doctorate Degree in Cognitive Science from IIT Gandhinagar. He holds a MSc in Cognitive Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Economics from University of Allahabad. Prof. Abhishek has over four years of work experience and was associated with National Forensic Science University and IIT at Gandhinagar. Prof. Abhishek’s research interests are in the area of Decision Making with a focus on the interaction between economic and moral domains.
Website: https://abhisheksahai.wixsite.com/mindelab.




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