FLAME University



FLAME University’s Office of International Relations is the main coordinating body at the University for facilitating international associations, alliances and collaborations.

The Office of International Relations is mandated to promote, support and foster a culture of excellence by integrating with the global process of internationalization of education.

We are keenly aware how international exposure helps shape student learning experience and advance motivation and achievement. To this end the University supports students undertaking study, research and internship with international institutions and organizations.  Faculty are encouraged and funded to engage in international research, publications, and constant experiments with ways to be better.

Visits by foreign delegations of faculty, researchers and students to the university are a regular feature of the international collaboration initiative of the University. Panel discussions are routinely organized to facilitate interaction between the faculty on such areas as curriculum development, pedagogical innovation, collaborative teaching, and building relationship with the community in ways that go beyond mere sharing of information. Not only do such deliberations enrich the educational experience of the participants but also help in exploring aspects of synergy between associated universities and institutions.

Talks by eminent international scholars and educationists are integral to University’s avowed pursuit of global outreach. Such talks, discussions, presentations and discourses- academic, social and cultural- are sponsored by the university so as to provide a platform to students and faculty for an incisive critique of various global issues.