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Prof. Ashutosh Potdar

Ph.D. in English Literature from Shivaji University, Kolhapur; M.Phil in English Literature


Dr Ashutosh Potdarā€™s doctoral research examines the theme of alien in Science Fiction with primary focus on the post-war British Science Fiction. His research interests also include Narrative Theory and Theatre Studies. He has published his research work on theatre and fiction in English and Marathi in various journals and presented papers in national and international conferences.

After holding teaching positions for twelve years at under-graduate and post-graduate levels, Ashutosh has worked with India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore as a Programme Executive for five years.

Ashutosh writes plays, short fiction and poetry in Marathi. He has received a number of awards like Maharashtra Foundation's R S Datar Award for his play, Anandbhog Mall and Bodhi Natya Parishad's Ashwaghosh Award for his play, Flat Number F One One Zero Five. Dr Potdar has also translated and adopted plays written by Dario Fo, Jean Genet, August Strindberg and Harold Pinter into Marathi.


Publication Remarks
Book: Uddhav Shelkes's Dhag : Fifty Best Indian Books Harper Collins, India 2013
Marathi Childern's Literature, Book, 101 Indian children's Books We Love! To be published by Young Zuban, Delhi, 2013
An Introduction to Science Fiction, Anushtubh, Nashik Sep-13