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Prof. Vishal Khandelwal
Adjunct Faculty - Finance
Email: vishal.khandelwal@flame.edu.in
MMS - Finance, Mumbai University

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of SafalNiveshak.com, an initiative to help people learn the art of value investing and behavioural finance to be able to make better investment decisions. He has 18+ years’ experience as a stock market analyst and investor, and 10+ years as an investing coach.

Safal Niveshak, which he started in 2011, is now a community of 90,000+ dedicated readers, and has been ranked among the best value investing blogs worldwide. The site is actively read and followed across 100+ countries. Vishal is the author of 'The Sketchbook of Wisdom,' which is packed with timeless ideas from the wisest people who have walked this Earth. He is also the creator of 'The One Percent Show,' which is an open-ended exploration into the minds of the wisest people around to help us learn to think, invest, and live each day a little, even if as little as one percent, better. He tweets at @safalniveshak.

At FLAME University, in addition to teaching courses in his area of expertise, Vishal will also teach courses that build frameworks and models of thinking from different disciplines, finding connections between them.