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In line with the vision of creation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge in an interdisciplinary context, research in diverse academic fields is intrinsic to the education process at FLAME University.

As an institution of higher learning, FLAME University lays significant focus on the role and status of research as the central theme of all academic activity. It is the pursuit of research excellence that determines and shapes the academic aspirations of faculty and students at the University. Taking up challenging assignments and projects, and seeking solutions through research-based education, is relentlessly encouraged. The teaching excellence of the faculty at FLAME University is adequately complemented by the rigor in research. Faculty at FLAME University are dedicated to guide students to incorporate research into their academic programs. Faculty constantly assist students in accessing research opportunities as well as providing instruction on research methodologies and areas of research focus.



FLAME University prides itself in the richness of resources that it makes available to its students, faculty and other researchers for teaching, learning, and for spearheading front line research.

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FLAME University hosts as many as seven fully functional, research-oriented and dedicated research centers that continuously endeavor to translate the University’s commitment to academic.

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