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Prof. Sunil Rajpal
Assistant Professor - Economics
Email: sunil.rajpal@flame.edu.in
PhD in Economics from Central University of Gujarat; ICSSR Doctoral Fellow from Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University, Delhi; M.Phil in Economics from Central University of Gujarat; M.A in Applied Economics from Bundelkhand University; B.Com from University of Allahabad.

Prof. Sunil Rajpal is Assistant Professor – Economics at FLAME University. Currently, he is also affiliated with Geographic Insights Lab, Harvard University as Research Fellow. He is also a Research Professor at BK21 (Four R&E) Centre for Precision Public Health, Korea University, Seoul. He received his Doctorate Degree in Economics from Central University of Gujarat and was affiliated as an ICSSR Doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. He has completed MPhil in Economics from Central University of Gujarat, MA in Applied Economics from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi and his graduation in Commerce from University of Allahabad. Prof. Sunil has over two years of experience and was associated with IIHMR, Jaipur, Tata Trusts, A. A Patel Commerce College and Central University of Gujarat. Prof. Sunil’s research interest includes Health Economics, Maternal and Child Nutrition Policy, Development Economics and Demography. His research work has appeared in reputed journals including The Lancet Global Health, Scientific Reports (Nature), Social Indicators Research, Social Science and Medicine, Health Policy and Planning, Maternal and Child Nutrition, PLOS One, Asian Population Studies and Economic and Political Weekly, He is currently involved in research on precision public health policy designing and social determinants of maternal and child nutrition. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, and playing table tennis.





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