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Prof. Rituparna Kaushik
Assistant Professor – Economics
Email: rituparna.kaushik@flame.edu.in
Prof. Rituparna Kaushik - PhD in Economics from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi; M.A honours in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune; Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from University of Delhi.

Prof. Rituparna Kaushik is Assistant Professor –  Economics and completed PhD.  in Economics from IIT, Delhi and has a M.A honours in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune and a BA honours in Economics from Delhi University.

Prof. Rituparna has a total work experience of over three years. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the South African Research Chair in Industrial Development (SARChI-ID) at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa for the AVPA project funded by GiZ and Harvard University. Before joining FLAME he was associated as Junior Fellow with Centre for the Digital Future (under India Development Foundation). He has also worked as a Program Coordinator for the Project: “Kaziranga (National Park) Landscaping through Community Participation”, a project of the Government of Assam’s Planning and Development Department.

His research interests are in the field of  industrial organization focusing on innovation, education, and health economics. 



  • Sah, T., Kaushik, R., Bailwal, N., & Tep, N. (2019). Mohalla Clinics in Delhi: A Preliminary Assessment of their Functioning and Coverage. Indian Journal of Human Development13(2), 195-210.

  • Bailwal, N., Kaushik, R., & Sah, T. (2020). Importance of Primary Healthcare in Delhi in the Times of COVID-19. Indian  Journal of Human Development14(3), 527-535.

  •  Kaushik, R., & Paul, S. B. (2021). Strategic Interactions, Bargaining Power and Stability of Joint Venture in an Emerging   Nation. Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade21(4), 543-564.

  •  Firm level Innovation Persistence, Sectoral Patterns and Effect of Competition in a Developing Country:Evidence from India. Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 22(2022), 259-296.

  •  Spinola, D., & Kaushik, R. (2023). The Indian National Innovation System: Historical Perspective and Key Characteristics. In book “India at 75, Thoughts   and Reflections”, Edited by Makhan Singh, Steven McCabe and Beverly Nielsen. Published by Bite-Sized Books Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-7397261-8-8.

  • Rooj, D., & Kaushik, R. (2023). Impact of technological change on growth trajectory of India: a multivariate-BVAR analysis. Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 1-21.


Working Papers:

  • STEM education, Firm Complexity and structure of corporate board members in determining the innovation effort: Evidence from India (Under Review).

  • The Indian National Innovation System: Historical Perspective and Key Characteristics.

  • Does Human Development Reduce Natural Disaster Fatalities? Evidence for Floods and Cyclones in India. (Under  Review)


Work in Progress:

  • Determining Industry- Academia interaction in Innovation and Emerging Nations: Perspective from India.

  • Gender diversity in corporate boards and its impact on Innovation in India.

  • Measuring the effectiveness of Indian Innovation System

  • Impact of GVC integration on Innovation: Global South and North divide

  • Impact of natural disasters on inequality


Article in media:


Conference Presentation:


  • Globelics Biennial Conference, October, 2023 

  • Research Policy Paper Development Workshop, October, 2023

  • Post-Doctoral Workshop On Accelerating Vaccine Production In Africa, University of Rwanda, 2023

  • Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference : Paper Presentation, 2021 (Online Mode)

  • Canadian Economic Association Conference (CEA), 2021 (Online Mode)

  • YSI-INET, Global Plenary: Paper Presentation, 2020 (Online Mode)

  • “Knowledge, Innovation and Regional Development”, YSI-INET: Paper presentation, Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil, 2020 (Online Mode)

  • 1st Conference “Micro-dynamics, Catching-Up and Global Value Chains” Paper presentation, Bocconi University, Milan, 2019

  • “Knowledge and Institution in Complex System”, YSI: Paper presentation, Victoria University, Wellington, 2019

  • YSI ASIA ConveningVietnam National University, Vietnam: Paper Presentation, Hanoi, 2019

  • 1st Annual Conference in Economics: Poster Presentation, IIT Delhi, 2019

  • Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference: Paper Presentation, Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi, 2018

  • IXth SI&GE workshop, University of Paris Nanterre: Paper Presentation, Paris, 2018

  • MIT YSI INET workshop on Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography: Poster Presentation, MIT Boston, 2018


Awards and Honors:


  • Marie Curie Young Scholar Award, funded by EU, 2019.

  • Research Scholar Travel Scholarship awarded by ICSSR, New Delhi, 2018.

  • IIT Delhi PhD Fellowship, 2016-2021