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Universities’ role in community transformation and socio-economic development through community outreach services are significant. Community outreach programmes are a key element in endearing institutions of higher education to their surrounding communities and constituents. Community outreach programmes involve participatory and professional activities by students, faculty and staff, with individuals and communities.

FLAME University is committed to active engagement with its local communities, schools and colleges and the public in general. This is done in a variety of ways that are of value and benefit to the community and University alike - such as the exchange of skills and knowledge and the sharing of facilities and physical resources. 

The FLAME community is made up of highly talented students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents from all over the world. As individuals, we have many kinds of creative talents and intellectual strengths; as a community, we are widely regarded as a place where people connect and collaborate across disciplines to solve critical societal challenges.

The ideas behind such extension activities are to establish connects with the communities and individuals in and around the university through sustained engagement. The DAP Committee at FLAME University wants to institutionalize such extension activities and voluntary work. Civic engagement of this nature is an essential component of liberal education. The Community Outreach Program aims to include all the members of the FLAME community including students, faculty and staff in this endeavour. By doing so, we are keen to demonstrate our commitment to basic humanistic values and principles of liberal education in a secular, democratic society. Some of the Core Values of this community program include outreach, mutual respect, civil dialogue, collaboration and cultural awareness through education.