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Schools & Departments

FLAME University currently consists of six schools – FLAME School of Liberal Education, FLAME School of Business, FLAME School of Communication, FLAME School of Fine & Performing Arts, FLAME School of Entrepreneurship and FLAME School of Investing. Through these schools, FLAME University delivers undergraduate (B.A., B.Sc., BBA), postgraduate (M.A., MBA, M.Sc.). Each school’s education, faculty and programs strive to help students find their edge. State-of-the-art facilities and the guidance of an accomplished faculty ensure that they’re prepared for the future.

FLAME School of Liberal Education

FLAME School of Liberal Education offers intensive undergraduate (B.A., B.Sc.), postgraduate (M.A., M.Sc.) in humanities, social sciences, economics and physical and natural sciences. Led by our esteemed faculty, FLAME School of Liberal Education offers courses in disciplines like history, philosophy, art, mathematics, political science, religion, and other interdisciplinary areas. The FLAME School of Liberal Education consists of the following departments:

  • Department of Physical & Natural Sciences
  • Department of Humanities
  • Department of Social Sciences

FLAME School of Business

FLAME School of Business is rooted in liberal education. The school offers undergraduate (BBA), postgraduate (MBA) that are tailored for the ever evolving, constantly changing globalized business environment of today. Throughout, students will develop the fundamental skills and knowledge that managers need to lead complex organizations. The programs offered by the school will cover all the areas in management sciences such as marketing, finance, accounting, organizational behavior, business policy and strategy, operations management as well as areas in humanities, social sciences, foreign languages, and creative arts for a well-rounded and holistic development of the students. FLAME School of Business is committed to develop management professionals who are competent in their chosen domain, sensitive to the environment and culture, responsible to the communities, ethical in all doings and global in their outlook and approach. FLAME School of Business will achieve these objectives by having very rigorous academic processes, updated and relevant curriculum, global courses and extensive industry interaction. FLAME School of Business consists of the following department:

  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Human Resource Management
  • Department of Operations
  • Department of Economics

FLAME School of Communication

FLAME School of Communication promotes, nurtures and develops independent thinking, creative, effective and responsible communicators and managers in different media. We do this in an environment that encourages students to explore new ideas in content and form, and to experiment and re-examine ideas on an ongoing basis. FLAME School of Communication meets the long-felt need for providing high quality education in the art and business of communication and media. FLAME School of Communication offers undergraduate (BA, BBA), postgraduate (MBA) tailored towards communication management. The Department of Media & Journalism is part of the FLAME School of Communication.

FLAME School of Fine & Performing Arts

FLAME School of Fine & Performing Arts has very specific objectives all of which are toward making FLAME a university of excellence in the teaching and promotion of classical, folk and contemporary performing arts, through an interdisciplinary approach. We aim to encourage innovation and opportunities that challenge the existing norms of teaching arts in India. We provide an education in fine & performing arts through a unique pedagogy and interaction with the arts of other countries and collaborations with arts institutions the world over. FLAME School of Fine & Performing Arts offers undergraduate programs in dance, music and theatre and consists of the Department of Fine & Performing Arts.

FLAME School of Investing

FLAME School of Investing will be set-up keeping in mind our conviction that value investing is the only proven successful investment process that has delivered above market returns through various market cycles. Being rooted in an inter-disciplinary framework, FLAME School of Investing firmly believes that no education in value investing is complete without understanding models human psychology, history, economics, mathematics and other varied disciplines . FLAME School of Investing strives to widen horizons, aiding students to connect the dots within seemingly disparate information. The school will develop various mental models from multiple disciplines needed to shape the process of equity investments. We will do this not only through our curriculum, but also through practical tools like having investor interactions, attending conferences and creating investment funds. FLAME School of Investing will offer postgraduate programs (MBA) related to investing.

FLAME School of Entrepreneurship

FLAME School of Entrepreneurship aims to give students hands-on experience about the creation, assessment, inception and management of an entrepreneurship venture. It will help build students’ capacity to think and develop an entrepreneurial idea. The school will foster entrepreneurial spirit among students of FLAME University. It will incorporate understanding of entrepreneurship as a field of study at micro and macro levels. It will incorporate sufficient practical / field exposure for the students including contact with entrepreneurs through local entrepreneurship bodies, and exposure with visits to start-up and more established businesses. FLAME School of Entrepreneurship will also make its students capable of becoming sought after professionals, should they wish to take up employment before setting up businesses. The School of Entrepreneurship will keep with the interdisciplinary framework of FLAME University. We will promote inquiry, critical thought, perspective building and innovation through logic, awareness of history, humanities, social sciences and other liberal arts. Opportunity assessment, learning from business failures and successes, understanding different business models and strategies, building negotiation and deal-making skills and knowing different avenues of financing will be at the core of entrepreneurship studies. Tools will also include an incubation centre and a business plan competition where students will ideate a new venture, create a business plan, compete for capital and commence their venture. FLAME School of Entrepreneurship will offer undergraduate (BBA) and postgraduate programs (MBA).