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FLAME is always making news or at least is in it – for its academic endeavours, achievements of its students, new ways of teaching, or just an event that has been noticed. Take a look at what’s making news at FLAME currently.

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An 'Eventful' choice

A career in event management extends far beyond stage set-ups and designs

In the movie ‘The Wedding Planner,’ wedding planning takes center stage, much like in other films and series such as ‘Band Baaj...
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The Taiwan conundrum: India balancing trade, technology, and security amid Chinese belligerence

History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided.
- Konrad Adenauer, former Chancellor of Germany

Adenauer, an opponent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, was witness to the two World Wars th...

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Gandhi’s vision of a constitution was imperfect, but is India paying the price for neglecting it?

He envisaged self-governing and largely self-sufficient village republics and felt that concentrating power would violate democratic principles.

The Indian Constitution has at times been critic...

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Perfectionism: A tunnel vision of Life and Work

“Perfectionism isn't a behavior, it is a way of thinking about yourself.” - Andrew Hill

Perfectionism can be perplexing and utterly exhausting most of the time. When you are living in a society aimin...
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