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FLAME is always making news or at least is in it – for its academic endeavours, achievements of its students, new ways of teaching, or just an event that has been noticed. Take a look at what’s making news at FLAME currently.

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Cooling Down India, Saving the World

These are some of the news headlines over the past few weeks, even as India continues to reel under scorching summer. From an intense and extended winter right into a scorching summer, we are witnessi...

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‘Every student gets a level playing field’, says VC FLAME University

FLAME University has launched an MSc in economics, established the new School of Computing and Data Sciences and a summer school to offer a host of offline and online courses. The private university i...

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Roe vs Wade: What’s at stake for women in the US – and India

Both countries have long attempted to instill a notion of motherhood that is compliant to the demands of a patriarchal system dominated by men.

Following the landmark ruling of the Supreme Court in t...

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The trouble with Europe’s outsourcing asylum

The attempts of responsibility-transfer of asylum-processing and refugee-protection by the UK and Denmark to Rwanda, reflect a fundamental shift from the conventional principle of territorial asylum a...

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