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Prof. Neelima Shukla-Bhatt

Prof. Neelima Shukla-Bhatt

PhD in Comparative Religion from Harvard University, USA.


Neelima Shukla-Bhatt is a Professor of Religion at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA. She has a doctorate in comparative religion from Harvard University (2003). The focus of her research is devotional literature of medieval north India, especially in its performative aspects. She has also published on women’s devotional genres including garbā dance of Gujrat, Hindu goddess traditions, religious pluralism, and Gandhi. She is the author of Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat: A Legacy of Bhakti in Songs and Stories (New York: Oxford, 2015) and co-author (with Surendra Bhana) of A Fire that Blazed in the Ocean: Gandhi and the Poems of Satyagraha in South Africa, 1909-1911 (Delhi: Promilla, 2011).