Turning Passion to Purpose

FLAME University's Liberal Education

Passion Not Compulsion

Our liberal education program lies at the convergence of personal growth and academic excellence. Our minds are inherently curious-often inquisitive about several subjects at once. At FLAME, our approach to education acknowledges this, even celebrates it. We are committed to providing an environment that channelizes your curiosity and passion through academic inquiry, perspective building and experiential learning that helps you discover your true purpose.


Program Details

Perspective building through multi-dimensional learning

The liberal education anchored undergraduate program at FLAME University is an effort to revolutionize higher education in India. FLAME endeavors to deliver an education rooted in life-skills development accompanied with breadth and depth of knowledge. Interdisciplinary education is at the heart of the undergraduate program at FLAME University. It allows you to question preconceived notions you may hold in your mind, overcome them and adopt broader perspectives with which you can approach complex problems. It enables you to see the existing connections between disciplines and, as a result, provides the capacity to integrate ideas and apply knowledge contextually. Interdisciplinary education helps advance critical thinking, identify insights from multiple disciplines, and promotes lasting and significant learning.

The program comprises of Foundation Courses, Specialization Courses, Experiential Learning Courses, Value-Added Courses and Open Elective Courses. An unwavering focus on fundamental skill development and career preparedness is at the core of all courses. You are encouraged to think of your passions and ambitions and choose your courses accordingly. The program is designed to equip you with necessary knowledge and skills that will enable you to carve a significant role in the field of your choice.

The choice of your major leads to either of the following three-year undergraduate degrees.

  • B.A. - Economics, Psychology, Literary & Cultural Studies, International Studies, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Public Policy, Sociology
  • B.A. (Hons) - Economics (Minors are not available in the Honours program)
  • B.Sc. - Applied Mathematics
  • B.Sc. (Hons) - Computer Science (Minors are not available in the Honours program)
  • BBA - Finance, Business Analytics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Operations, General Management
  • BBA (Communications Management) - Advertising & Branding, Digital Marketing & Communications, Film & Television Management, Communication Studies

Additionally, we offer you the option to enroll for The FLAME Scholars Program which builds on the strengths of the undergraduate program and is a seamless extension of the same. The FLAME Scholars Program is a one-year post-graduate diploma program that empowers you with knowledge and skills that helps you perform efficiently in your chosen career.

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Majors & Minors

Immerse in Your Chosen Discipline

With more than 20 majors to choose from, each offering a choice of minimum 13 corresponding minors, you can design your own major-minor combination from over 300 such possibilities. This flexibility to straddle interests in distinct disciplines leads to very interesting combinations.

* only offered as minors | ** only offered as majors | *** minors are not offered with Honours programs

Real World Learning

From Theory to Application

At the heart of all learning is the way one processes knowledge to make meaning. Our special experiential learning courses such as the Discover India Program, the Developmental Activities Program and the Summer Internship Program take you a step closer to understanding the realities of the world we live in.


Discover India Program (DIP)

Is designed to enable students to learn more about India’s rich history and culture through primary and secondary research.

Development Activities Program (DAP)

Is designed to get students to recognize the socio-economic ground realities of India.

Summer Internship Program

Is designed to expose students to ground realities and enable them to make connections between academic work and the real world.

Global Immersion

A Window to the World

The Global Connect initiative at FLAME University is aimed at promoting FLAME’s internationalization strategy. It supports FLAME University’s teaching, research and service around the world. It is a mutually beneficial association of the University with leading international universities, reputed institutes and internationally acclaimed research bodies. You get the opportunity to go to international universities for exchange programs, summer school and also spend a semester abroad. Approved study abroad credits can be transferred to substitute mandatory credit requirements in FLAME University.


Student research

An In-depth Understanding

Research is an integral part of the undergraduate liberal education experience at FLAME. Students at all levels are encouraged to participate in research and appropriate funding is made available. In its efforts to support enhancement of knowledge and intellectual growth of its students, University supports various projects that the students take up under the guidance of their faculty. In keeping with the underlying ethos of liberal education, research at FLAME University is essentially inter-disciplinary with students led by faculty across disciplines, working together on numerous subjects of mutual interest, appeal and requirement.

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Student Support

Personal yet Professional

FLAME University provides its students a strong backing at every step of their journey. From improving themselves academically to getting advice on student life and career paths, FLAME students have a supportive community behind them.


Academic Resources

Writing and quantitative reasoning is integrated across the undergraduate curriculum. The Writing Centre, the Q Centre and the Centre for Teaching and Learning helps you to cope and excel in your academic work and strengthen your skill sets.

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Mentoring & Advising

Our faculty members are not only exceptional teachers, but also mentors and advisors who guide your curiosity to its fullest potential. FLAME promotes its Guru-Shishya philosophy by assigning faculty mentors to students to overcome hurdles in their student life.

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Career Services

FLAME has an in-house career services centre that works closely organizations to make sure the best of workplaces come to the campus for annual placements. We strive to facilitate students in finding recruiters that fit their skillset and also provide training in essential skills.

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