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FLAME University's distinctive undergraduate program, founded on liberal education, is innovative in pedagogy, curriculum, teaching, and learning, preparing students for a rapidly changing world. The program is global in nature but deeply rooted in the Indian context aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020).


The Undergraduate Program at FLAME University aims to fire the imagination of young minds, foster creativity, propel innovation, and provide the basis for the preparation of a new generation of leaders who will make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

The program is rooted in liberal education and aims to impart breadth and depth of knowledge along with valuable life and transferable skills that are critical to succeeding in life.

The program imbibes interdisciplinary perspectives. It prepares one to question preconceived notions and find ways to overcome them, along with adopting broader perspectives to solve complex problems. Interdisciplinary education helps advance critical thinking, identifies insights from multiple disciplines, and promotes lasting and significant learning.


FLAME offers a four-year Undergraduate Program with an exit option after three years. The degree nomenclature is determined by the major that the student chooses to pursue. The program provides an environment that channels your curiosity and passion through academic inquiry, perspective building, and experiential learning, helping you discover your true purpose.

The program comprises of Foundation Courses, Specialisation Courses (Major and Minor), Experiential Learning Courses, Value-added Courses, Project-based Courses (in the optional year IV), and Open Elective Courses. An unwavering focus on fundamental skill development and career preparedness is at the core of all courses.

4-year Undergraduate degrees


B.Sc. (Hons)

BBA (Hons)

BBA (CM) (Hons)


Three-year exit options (B.A./B.Sc./BBA/BBA(CM)) aligned with NEP 2020 available. B.Des is a four-year program.

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Majors and Minors

Chart a career
trajectory as unique as you

With 24 majors to choose from, each offering a choice of a minimum of 8 corresponding minors, the students can design their own major-minor combination from over 350 such possibilities. This flexibility to straddle interests in distinct disciplines leads to very interesting combinations.

* Interdisciplinary majors. Not offered as minors. Only offered as majors. No minor combination possible. | ** Only offered as minors. | *** Only available as major in the 3-year exit option.

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Student Research

Addressing real-world challenges while learning at a university is highly rewarding for a student. To bring out the inner researcher and scholar in a student, FLAME ensures that they are encouraged to conduct their desired research at all levels. FLAME helps a student build capacity and address knowledge and skill gaps for effective research. When a student investigates truths, they invent realities. Students conduct their own research under the supervision of faculty or collaborate with faculty on several research projects. This not only transforms a student's academic abilities but also enhances their critical thinking capacities and team-building skills.


STUDENT support

International collaborations

FLAME University’s Study Abroad, Summer Abroad, International Exchange, and Research Collaboration programs encourage students and faculty in their quest for international exposure.

FLAME’s associations with prestigious institutes across the globe:

Wellesley College
Yale University
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington
Boston University (MET International)
Amherst College
University of California - Davis, USA


York University
King's University College


IE University




Sciences Po



#12 Pune, the city!

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