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FLAME University offers three-year B.A., B.A. (Hons)*, B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons)**, B.B.A. and B.B.A. (Communications Management) undergraduate programs. The liberal education anchored undergraduate programs at FLAME University are an effort to revolutionize higher education in India. FLAME endeavours to deliver an education rooted in life-skills development accompanied with breadth and depth of knowledge.

[*B.A. (Honours) program is offered in Economics. Minors are not available in the Honours program.]
[**B.Sc. (Honors) program is offered in Computer Science. Minors are not available in the Honours program.]

FLAME has made a radical departure from traditional models of higher education by addressing two critical issues - lack of inter-disciplinary as well as the lack of opportunity to make an informed decision about one's specialization. Rather than limiting students to the three streams of Arts, Science and Commerce, FLAME allows students to take courses across cognate areas such as Physical and Natural Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine and Performing Arts. This exposes students to multiple disciplines, to give them the opportunity to truly explore their academic interests so that they can make an enlightened choice about their specialization. The core courses such as Critical Reasoning, Academic Writing, Digital Literacy, Mental Models and Financial Literacy equip students with the necessary skills to excel in their future.

FLAME's undergraduate academic programs are delivered on a Semester system, which allows for concentrated work to be achieved across a 18 week time frame (some semesters are further divided into two terms of 9 weeks each). This provides students with an opportunity to do a range of courses thereby enhancing their breadth of knowledge and at the same time students receive instruction in a wider range of topics in their specializations thereby enhancing their depth of knowledge. FLAME has also established the practice of including uniquely-crafted experiential learning programs alongside the academic curriculum, which is innovative and ground-breaking in the Indian context. Through this, all FLAME students have access to a set of structured opportunities for personal growth and professional development. Students have the opportunity to access these experiential learning programs alongside their academic programs. These experiential learning programs are: The Development Activities Program (DAP), the Discover India Program (DIP) and the Summer Internship Program (SIP). These opportunities are structured in ways that provide for hands-on experience, while incorporating a reflective component that enhances the student experience.

Additionally, we offer students the option to enroll for The FLAME Scholars Program which will build on the strengths of the undergraduate program and shall be a seamless extension of the same. The FLAME Scholars Program is a one-year post-graduate diploma program that empowers the student with knowledge and skills that will help them perform efficiently in their chosen career. Research and scholarship in inter-disciplinary areas are an integral part of the program. The courses that constitute this program are highly specialized and will go beyond the three-year undergraduate curriculum with innovations in content, delivery, and structure.

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Discover India Program

Discover India Program

The Discover India Program (DIP) is an integral part of the experiential learning component of the undergraduate curriculum of FLAME University. It is a credit course. The program’s primary focus is on exploring, understanding, and experiencing the rich culture and heritage of India.

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