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(Major in Experience Design)

FLAME University offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate design degree, rooted in liberal education and centered around experience design.

This interdisciplinary Experience Design major prepares you for a fulfilling career in designing technology-driven human experiences, including digital and interactive interfaces, tangible interfaces, different forms of immersive storytelling, service design, and more.

Working collaboratively, you can transform your design skills into creative solutions with positive long-term impact.

Build solid foundations for in-demand skills

Build solid foundations for in-demand skills

With a growing focus of industries on human and user experience, the degree builds a robust foundation of relevant and transferable skills to help students adapt to dynamic industry environments and demands. 


In the first year, students will study foundational courses that introduce them to design, technology, business, humanities and social sciences.

Delve deep and master a niche

Delve deep and master a niche

As the program progresses, students will be able to master niche skills as they delve deeper into courses of their choice, giving them an undeniable professional advantage.

Broaden your horizons with a cross-disciplinary minor

Broaden your horizons with a cross-disciplinary minor

What sets the degree apart is the cross-disciplinary linkage that allows the major to draw courses from FLAME’s other schools and collaborate with them.

This gives students an opportunity to pair their design major with courses from business, humanities, psychology and technology as a minor.

How does this program empower students?

  • Build a robust, holistic foundation that nurtures design sensibilities through thinking and creating
  • Create new ideas, execute them, and develop new knowledge through research and practice
  • Get exposure to a spectrum of courses that immerse them in the world of technology with a prominent focus on the humanities through computational design
  • Explore and navigate human behaviour, cognition and psychology along with technology and data
  • Learn how to harness learning to create purposeful outcomes for modern world needs

Who is this program for?

The B.Des undergraduate program at FLAME welcomes all students with an inclination to learn with design and an interdisciplinary liberal education ethos, especially those who:

  • Want to combine two distinct yet complementary fields of study and work
  • Are interested in technology with a nuanced humanities and business approach
  • Are eager to learn from a distinct practice-led curriculum that imparts theoretical education through hands-on industry projects

What are the career options after this program?

  • User Experience Designer (UX Designer)
  • Interaction Designer
  • User Experience Researcher (UX Researcher)
  • Design Researcher
  • Service Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Design Consultant
  • Entrepreneur


FLAME School of Design, Art & Performance believes that the field of design is no longer just about making; it is about having a systemic view of the world and approaching opportunities and modern world needs through creative and comprehensive resolution. Thus, leveraging FLAME's liberal education approach, the School of Design, Art, and Performance strives to provide students with relevant and new-generation competencies that will help them approach their work as designers holistically.


Fostering design skills through cross-pollination of interdisciplinarity

The School of Design, Art & Performance, part of the liberal education curriculum of FLAME, merges design education with other disciplines that compliment field of design. Through collaboration across the departments within the university, our competency-first ethos fosters interdisciplinary and adaptable skills, giving students an edge in the modern world.

The pillars of our competency-first curriculum

Creating the future of design and future designers

The School of Design, Art & Performance is for the ‘future designer’ who aspires to cater to modern world needs and turn new ideas into reality. We are equipping students with the vital skills of tomorrow through a strong foundation and curriculum that upholds industry and global standards.

Our Faculty

FLAME faculty is an acclaimed group of scholars and researchers whose teaching is augmented by the contemporariness of their academic knowledge and real-world experience. Not only are they eminently capable teachers, but they are also compassionate mentors to students.


Read what current students and alumni have to say about their FLAME experience.


“Having completed a minor in design at FLAME, I went on to pursue a masters in the field owing to the strong foundation built through the course. I learnt through an array of subjects that not only covered all bases but also escalated my intrigue and verve for the field. With a full-fledged design curriculum now offered as a major, I can only imagine how the boundaries of design and technology can be pushed”

Tina Mangwani

Class of 2020 | Major - Marketing, Minor - Design. Presently pursuing her Master's in Design from RMIT University, Melbourne.

“I studied Digital Marketing and Design at FLAME. Something I found extremely exciting while applying to FLAME was the Design minor that was being offered. Two years and almost 8 design courses later, we were exposed to different facets and dimensions of design and design thinking. I particularly enjoyed the Design Thinking, Human Centric Design, and Business and Services Design Courses the most because they took us through the ideation and research process of design. Additionally, how it is also very important to keep people at the center while designing something, be it a solution or a product. There was a lot of hands on work as well in some of the courses, which really pushed me to think about what more I could do. Overall, the design minor is a rather well-rounded specialization and I'm super excited for everyone who are taking up Design as a major!”

Neelanjana Varanasi

Class of 2020 | Major - Digital Marketing, Minor - Design. Presently working at Pratham Skilling as a Program Associate in the data and research team

“As a design minor I took several design courses throughout my undergrad. It helped create a strong foundation for design as I was learning varied courses like graphic design, design thinking, nature and design etc.
The courses weren’t mainstream and helped me develop as a design thinker. They helped me find my strengths as a creative person.”

Shagun Chopra

Class of 2021 | Major - Advertising and Branding, Minor - Design. Presently pursuing a PGDM in Art Direction from Miami Ad School, Mumbai

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