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Prof. Amit Kundal
Associate Professor - Faculty of Design, Art and Performance
Email: amit.kundal@flame.edu.in
Prof. Amit Kundal - PhD in Human Centred Design from IIT – Kanpur, 2020; Master of Design, IIT – Kanpur, 2013; B. Des. NIFT, 2007;

Prof. Amit Kundal is Associate Professor & Associate Dean - Faculty of Design, Art and Performance and has He received the Doctorate Degree in Human Centred Design and Master of Design from IIT, Kanpur; and his Bachelor’s Degree in Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar.

Prof. Amit has over ten years of experience in design and academia. He has been Associate Professor at ISDI Mumbai, and has led the School of product and Strategic Innovation as an Associate Dean. He was associated with Asmara International & Li & Fung India Pvt. Ltd. as a designer. He is a Co-founder at Studio Twenty-Three.

His passion & current work spans across design research, re-imagining user journeys, edifying design & business innovation tools for strategic design innovation. He is also actively involved with the global design thinking movement & lately, has been writing about the intersection of design & hands-on research practice.


Design Patent:

  • Kumar, M., Kundal, A., (2023). A Compact Composting Device for Waste Decomposition. German Patent No. 20 2023 103 380. Germany: The President of the German Patent and Trademark Office, Eva Shevior.

  • Kumar, M., Kundal, A., (2023). A Portable Infant Phototherapy Device. German Patent No. 20 2023 103 378. Germany: The President of the German Patent and Trademark Office, Eva Shevior.


  • Kumar, M., Bhushan, B., Sameer, A., Kundal, A.  (2023). Laterality in Gesture-Based Video Games. In: Tareq Ahram and Christianne Falcão (eds) Human Factors in Virtual Environments and Game Design. AHFE (2023) International Conference. AHFE Open Access, vol 96. AHFE International, USA. http://doi.org/10.54941/ahfe1003863

  • Kumar, M., Roy, S., Sameer, A., Kundal, A.  (2023). Examining the effects of near and far cues on creativity. In: Evangelos Markopoulos, Ravindra S. Goonetilleke and Yan Luximon (eds) Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. AHFE (2023) International Conference. AHFE Open Access, vol 74. AHFE International, USA. http://doi.org/10.54941/ahfe1003317

  • Prototyping as a Research Tool | Springer | JANUARY 2021 Role of prototyping in Insight Generation for Product Development in Healthcare.

  • Design Education in India | Humanizing Design | OCTOBER 2019. The role of International Collaborations for a globally aspiring mindset. WDO – Research + Education Forum

  • Design Thinking to Design Doing | Springer | OCTOBER 2019. A Procedural Approach Creating Socially Responsive Artifacts - A case of designing towards affordable dental care (for India).

  • Biogenic Domestic Waste | Springer | JANUARY 2015. Exploring select dimensions of Socio Technical Innovation using Design. Probe

  • Biogenic Design Thinking - MEAD | International Ergonomics. Conference HWWE | JANUARY 2015. Exploring biogenic waste through user centered design process and social practice transformation in public systems through Design Thinking and Macro ergonomic approach (DT-MEAD).

  • Design of a low-cost Dental chair (Case Study) | Making dental. facilities accessible to Indian masses | NOVEMBER 2014 - AUGUST 2015. This project followed a user-centric approach to provide a low-cost prototype, in accordance with research findings, that aimed at making dental facilities more efficient and accessible to the masses (like in rural India). This project primarily focused on enhancing the most critical piece of the dental system, i.e., the dental chair.

  • Rethinking the Health Record Card (Case Study) | Research. Project for ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ | NOVEMBER 2014 -AUGUST 2015. The scope of this project was to redesign the child health record, so that accuracy increases, records become easier to interpret and use, and health professionals and families alike value them.

  • Investing biogenic domestic waste (Case Study) | Study for effective waste in urban residential colonies | NOVEMBER 2014 - AUGUST 2015. The aim of this research project was to explore select dimensions of social innovation through design that communicates and signals for change towards behavioral transformation of citizens/ consumers.