FLAME University


A home away from home..
Every undergraduate student is assigned a faculty mentor and peer mentor for the first year. They help students with their academic and personal issues through the first year. In second and third year, every student is assigned a faculty advisor to counsel him/her on academic matters and monitor their progress. Students are expected to consult their faculty advisors on course selection, Major/Minor declaration, degree audit, and other academic matters.
A sprawling dining hall serves students and staff with healthy vegetarian meals. The food services that are already paid for in the fees; the dining provides breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner at fixed timings. The range in these meals includes:
Breakfast: We serve South Indian, North Indian, Maharashtrian and Continental cuisine dishes (Bread, Butter, Jam, Varieties of Flakes, Cold Milk etc.) Lunch: We serve North Indian, different state themed foods, Chinese, Thai, Continental foods and live counters.
Evening Snacks: We serve different types of Indian snacks like chat items, varieties of pakodas, dhokla, and bakery savouries.
Dinner: We serve North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental cuisine foods amongst live counters.
Besides the dining hall, there are several pay-and-eat cafes on campus, providing several eating options to the FLAME community.
Times Café: Late night cafe that is open till 2am, with delivery options to the door that serves a range of South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Pizzas, amongst other fast food.
Library Café: Range of bakery and other snacks, desserts and juices.
Juice Press: Fresh pressed juices, and a wide range of parathas and other Indian food.
Café Coffee Day
24 hour doctor availability with 2 residential doctors
2 female doctors and one male doctor. Patient has a choice to choose female doctor if not comfortable to consult with male doctor.
24 hour ambulance service with pick-up and drop services.
All basic treatment, vaccination, minor procedures (dressing, stitches) all major medicines including antibiotics, skin related creams, eye ear drops
In case of a serious health issue, 24 hour ambulance service to higher centre like Chellaram hospital.
We do have counselling support on campus. There is a team of 4 student counsellors at the moment. The centre functions from 9 AM to 8 PM on all working days. All the four counsellors working are clinical psychologists and come from different therapy branches. We provide support to students to deal with their emotional-behavioural issues.
Parents by default don't have access to the attendance record and academic progress of their wards. Program Office sends the monthly attendance emails to all students and parents. When parents ask for the academic progress of their ward, we do share the details.
We have about 5-6 mini and medium sized busses which work on fixed schedules on working and non-working days that students/employees have access to. And for medical emergencies we have a 24hour ambulance service.
On working days; the first bus leaves at 11:00 AM from campus, all the way till FC road with stops in between, with the last bus at 8:00 PM. Over the course of the day, there are about 7 times that the buses take a couple of routes starting from campus till FC road. The bus services also pick up students from FC road at designated pick up points that brings them back to the campus.
A detailed bus/travel schedule on working and non-working is given to the students.
Ola/Uber options are as safe or unsafe as the person using it believes it to be. We provide college transport at regular intervals for the convenience of students. However, we’ve never had any reported incidents of issues while using these cab services. Also, since we’re located on the hill the frequency of finding uber/ola cabs can be slightly irregular.
As part of our efforts to always put student safety first, the revised timing for students to be back on campus shall be 12.00 am (midnight). However, the time by which students should be inside their respective hostels shall be 02.00 am. Being anywhere on campus, other than inside the apartment of the respective allotted room, beyond 02:00am would be considered as a violation of this norm.
FLAME University maintains a zero-tolerance policy on drug abuse by students. FLAME University prohibits the unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, possession, or use of illegal drugs, or unauthorized use of prescription drugs.
It is mandatory for a student to provide, if required, samples of urine, blood, and breath or to allow officers to medically examine them. If the report shows positive results, the student will be required to bear the expenses of the Laboratory test. Refusal to take a test will be construed as an admission of guilt.
A case of drug abuse will be reported directly to the Vice-Chancellor of FLAME University and handled by a Special Panel comprising the DISCOM Chair, the Dean concerned and the Registrar. In all such cases the decision of the Vice-Chancellor will be final and the laws of the land shall be followed.
Any student found involved in any of the above acts with regard to drugs shall have to leave campus immediately pending confirmation of the punishment by the Vice-Chancellor after due investigation and recommendations by the specially constituted panel.