FLAME University


Turning academics into real-world careers

Given that today's businesses have to work in distinct natural environments, divergent ideologies, diverse cultural backgrounds, incompatible economic atmospheres, and uncertain opportunity situations, you will probably understand why the corporate world, all over the globe, consistently chooses a new breed of managers.

These new managers possess client-oriented cross functional knowledge skills. FLAME graduates will be emotionally mature, ethically sound team players willing to share knowledge and experience, sensitive to continuous improvement, and very adaptable to collaborating in a global and interconnected world. Our programs aim at harmoniously creating a three-fold trained capacity of:

  • A professional manager, who analyses the context scientifically, decides rationally, and acts ethically.
  • Socially responsible leadership, which promotes solidarity, integration, and collective decision making.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, which creatively generates innovative ideas, and is concerned about both customer and shareholder value

Our students are honed with the following traits that will prove to be assets to your organization.

  • Adaptability: Students at FLAME are trained to be adaptable. This is done through the rigorous academic curriculum and training students are put through. Students are given exposure to a wide range of verticals and theoretical frameworks along with interfacing with some of the best minds in the industry. Students are offered courses across functional areas in each trimester, giving them an exposure not only to their own area of specialization but across specializations.
  • Creativity: FLAME gives its students exposure to subjects in humanities and creative arts. This sharpens their creative skills and their ability to think laterally.
  • Team Work: FLAME has one of the best sports facilities in the country which includes a golf course and an international size cricket ground. At FLAME, we believe that the true potential of an individual is realized through teamwork. Students are given constructive feedback by their coaches in their leadership and personality styles.
  • Holistic Growth: Students are exposed to a wide range of co-academic activities that include developmental activities, a course in values and ethics and a variety of student activity clubs.

FLAME has a rigorous selection procedure. This ensures only the finest minds qualify to FLAME. With its diligent and attentive faculty, and holistic syllabus, the students hone their craft and sharpen their knowledge during their years on campus. To add to this, FLAME’s liberal roots, extra-curricular exposure, internships, an interactive alumni and an environment that encourages curiosity, the students of FLAME are on par with leading international schools and hold an edge with their thorough understanding of markets and the global work place. Having gone through a curriculum that is contemporary and relevant to the industry’s needs, managing case studies, making presentations and experiencing real life projects, the students of FLAME are more than just ready to take on the industry and face life real time.

In recent years we are proud to be patronized by some of the leading Indian and global companies like Deloitte India, Amazon, Vedanta Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC, Axis Bank, Capital First, YES Bank, Reliance Capital, ICICI Prudential, ITC, JSW, Tata Motors, TCS, DHL, Verity Knowledge Solutions, Reliance Industries, Future Group, Blue Dart, METRO Group, The Great Place To Work, Axis Capital, Coffee Day Group, RBL Bank, Zomato, ZEE Entertainment, ViaCom18, Reliance Broadcast, DDB Mudra, Dunia Finance and Khimji Ramdas to name a few.