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Writing and quantitative reasoning is integrated across the undergraduate curriculum. The Writing Centre, the Q Centre and the Centre for Teaching and Learning helps you to cope and excel in your academic work and strengthen your skill sets.

The Writing Centre
The Writing Centre offers the student community an arena in which to engage with itself, in intellectually empowering ways. Any student can make an appointment, to discuss a writing assignment with our undergraduate peer tutors. These consultations are holistic, helping students not only to excel in curricular terms, but to take a step forward in their personal intellectual growth.

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The Q Centre
The Q centre aims to help students to get additional help on quantitative methods that many courses in FLAME cover and to sharpen their quantitative skills. It has designated faculty members along with quantitative instructors and an empaneled team of peer tutors. The activities of the centre shall include study sessions, workshops, one-on-one tutoring sessions, coding competitions, etc.

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The Centre for Teaching and Learning
The Centre for Teaching and Learning aims at upgrading pedagogy, and identifying opportunities for research and collaboration to amplify the impact of research for students and faculty. It strives to showcase innovative pedagogy, incorporate best practices and create digital content and experiences to enhance student learning. It actively collaborates with the ERP team, Library services, Research Office and the Writing Centre to assist research and teaching at FLAME University by providing access to research opportunities, digital tools and software. It also offers services to students to enhance their learning potential.

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