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Prof. Mritunjay Kumar
Assistant Professor - Design
Email: mritunjay.kumar@flame.edu.in
PhD in Design from IIT Kanpur; Master of Design in Human-Computer Interaction from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur; and Bachelor of Design in Knitwear design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai.

Prof. Mritunjay Kumar is an Assistant Professor - Design, at FLAME University. He completed his Ph.D. from the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, in the field of Design. He has completed his M.Des in Human-Computer Interaction from the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, and B. Des in Knitwear Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology Chennai. 

Prof. Mritunjay’s dissertation focused on capturing the dynamics of emotions at different stages of the creative process using facial expression analysis and support vector machines. 

Prof. Mritunjay has over ten years of experience in design, research and academia. Prior to joining FLAME, he worked with the Science and Technology Council of the Government of Uttar Pradesh on the Science bus (Vigyan Bus) project, where the bus (on wheels) visits several schools in remote areas and students can experience pre-installed science models, projects, apparatus, and labs. He has also been associated with the Aalto Design Factory, Finland where he worked on developing a wearable shoe insoles (Buzzway), that offers hands-free navigation by vibrating the respective foot using sensors to offer directional cues without looking at the mobile phone screens. 

Prof. Mritunjay has also worked with Jharkhand Silk Textile and Handicraft Development, Govt of Jharkhand, in uplifting the languishing crafts at several clusters in Jharkhand. He has also been an empanelled designer with the Development Comissioner of Handicrafts, Govt. of India. 

His research interests are Experience Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Design for Emotions, Creative Thinking, Design for Behavior Change, Visual Communication and Machine Learning for Design.

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Design Patent:


  • Best paper award for the paper titled ‘Comparing the Incubation effect between various age group of students during the Creative problem solving’ at the International Conference on Creativity Cognition in Art and Design, Granted by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences and National Institute of Design in 2017.

  • Top 14 best craft films across the globe awarded by the World Craft Council - "Dhokra Art”

Research and Publications:


Conference Proceedings and Book Chapters:

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