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Turning Passion to Purpose

Depending on the major, the student will be awarded a 4-year B.A.(Hons)/ B.Sc.(Hons)/BBA (Hons)/BBA (Communications Management) (Hons) degree.
  • B.A. (Hons) - Economics, Psychology, Literary & Cultural Studies, International Studies, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Public Policy, Sociology.
  • B.Sc. (Hons) - Applied Mathematics, Data Science and Economics, Computer Science, Computer Science and Design.
  • BBA (Hons) - Finance, Business Analytics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Design Management.
  • BBA (Communications Management) (Hons)- Advertising & Branding, Digital Marketing & Communications, Film & Television Management.
The 4th year is optional. Students can graduate in 3 years with the following degrees:
  • B.A. - Economics, Psychology, Literary & Cultural Studies, International Studies, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Public Policy, Sociology.
  • B.Sc. - Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science and Economics, Computer Science and Design.
  • BBA - Finance, Business Analytics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Operations, General Management, Design Management.
  • BBA (Communications Management) - Advertising & Branding, Digital Marketing & Communications, Film & Television Management, Communication Studies.
The 4th year of the 4-year program is a seamless extension of the 3-year program where highly specialized courses will be offered with some of them at the Master level along with opportunities for undertaking interdisciplinary major projects and internships. The 4th year gives students an opportunity to go deeper in their major area of study. The first 3-years will be common to both the 3-year and 4-year programs.
It will be the same as that of the 3-year program.
All students of the 4-year program will be awarded a 4-years Honours degree. The 3-year Honours degree is currently available only in the disciplines of Economics and Computer Science. The minor option is not available in the 3-year Honours degree, while a minor option is available for all majors in the 4-year program except in the following interdisciplinary majors: Design Management, Computer Science and Design, and Data Science and Economics.
Yes. Along with DAP (summer at the end of the 1st year) and SIP (summer at the end of the 2nd year), an additional industry internship in the summer at the end of the 3rd year is mandatory.

In the 4-year undergraduate program, the student is expected to continue to take courses in the area of the specialization in the 4th year and a minor has to be compulsorily earned if there is a minor option available for the corresponding major. However, the FLAME Scholar's Program (FSP) is a post-graduate 1-year diploma that provides opportunities for students to pursue courses of interest spanning a wide canvas of disciplines and it is not mandatory to declare a major/minor in this program. Students should have at least a 3-year degree to be eligible for FSP.

For example, consider a student who is an undergraduate student pursuing Finance as a Major and Applied Mathematics as a Minor. In the 3rd year, the student has three options: a) Graduate with a 3-year degree b) Graduate with a 4-year degree where the same specialization (Finance and Applied Mathematics) has to be studied in the 4th year c) Graduate with a 3-year degree and enroll in FSP. In FSP, the student is free to pursue a set of courses as per a study plan that is arrived at in consultation with his Faculty Advisor. The set of courses should align with the student’s interests and future goals and they are not necessarily restricted to Finance and Applied Mathematics. The student may wish to pursue FSP to acquire greater inter and multi-disciplinary knowledge, for instance in allied fields like Economics.

Students have the opportunity to participate in study-abroad programs with our partner institutions only in the first semester of the 4th year.
A minimum of 156 credits have to be earned for the 4-year degree.
A minimum of 36 credits has to be earned in the 4th year.
Yes, a double major is possible subject to academic performance and pre-requisites. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from their faculty advisors.
IMP is a 4th-year mandatory research project in which a team of students with diverse specialisations work together under the guidance of a faculty member to address an issue or solve a problem that is of relevance to society, technology, business or any other aspect of life. This provides an opportunity for students to apply important skills such as critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, research, teamwork etc along with specialised knowledge and contextual understanding learnt over the previous 3 years and apply it in practical contexts by providing actionable solutions.
In the 4th year, a minor has to be compulsorily earned except in the following interdisciplinary majors: Design Management, Computer Science and Design, and Data Science and Economics.

Foundation Courses allow students to explore various disciplines before zeroing in on their choice of specialization, which is a significant innovation in the Indian context where at the undergraduate-level; students are held to choices they have made during their Higher Secondary Certificate programs. For those students who have clarity about what their area of study might be, the Foundation Courses provide an opportunity to broaden their realms of knowledge. Hence taking Foundation Courses from all the Universes of Knowledge would be essential for each student.
Students have to attend the mandatory courses from each universe but if the student is interested in one particular universe, he can choose extra courses from the universe as open electives in Semester 2.
It is mandatory to choose a major while declaring a minor is optional. A student can also opt for a double major provided they fulfill the pre-requisites for the same.
A student is expected to declare his major - minor by term 4 i.e. Semester 2; basically the end of year one.
Yes, the major and minor do appear on the Transcript along with the program name.
Every student is assigned a faculty and peer mentor as soon as he joins FLAME University. These mentors help students in clearing doubts and help them in making important decisions.
With a Psychology major one would get a B.A. degree.
To earn a major, a student requires no less than 18 courses and 46 earned credits, through a prescribed set of courses.
To earn a minor, a student requires no less than 25 earned credits, through a prescribed set of courses.
A student can choose a double major provided he fulfills prerequisites like a certain minimum CGPA. Also distinction will have to be made as a primary and secondary major while choosing a double major.
There is an opportunity to change the major and minor declarations till Semester 4, i.e. end year 2 and take new major or minors provided the prerequisites of the new major and minor are already met.
A student has to complete 2 gateway courses of 2 credits each as prescribed for Finance major as a prerequisite for Finance as a major specialization.
For graduation, a student must earn minimum of 120 credits. To earn a major, a student must earn minimum of 46 credits. For a double major student, the student must earn 46 credits in each major and a cumulative minimum 136 credits with no ‘F’ and ‘R’. For students who have declared a minor, minimum of 25 credits are required.
DAP and SIP are compulsory experiential learning programs. There is a Corporate Relations and Placement Office that help students get placements for SIP and DAP programs.
4 sports courses are mandatory for students. Also it is necessary to get an ‘S’ grade in sport to be able to graduate. Yes, the Sports course shall be mentioned in the transcript.
85% minimum attendance is required for every student failing which grade penalty / course repetition will be levied on the student.
In our undergraduate program , we offer Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Science (Honours); Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Arts (Honours); Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration (Communications Management).
Students are encouraged to pursue research as part of the courses they take at FLAME. Additionally, they get opportunities to work with faculty in their research projects. Students are encouraged to work on research projects and present papers in national and international conferences. Discover India Program is an experiential, immersive program that focuses on research and students present their findings in national and international conferences.
Yes. Students learn skills such as working in teams, managing time, leadership, and taking responsibilities through various activities in coursework. They learn skills of writing, public speaking and digital literacy through core courses; while they learn the importance of being independent, responsible, empathetic, ethical and socially aware individuals through varied programs that are imbedded in the curriculum.
FSLE students are in all sectors from Education, Policy, Health care, Publishing, Music and Sound Design, Advertising, Film making, Stocks, Environmental sectors, Sports, Family business and the non-profit sector. FSFPA students are into Theatre, Films, Dance, Acting, Design, and Music. Please see https://www.flame.edu.in/admissions/alumni-achievements
Yes. We have the Student Accelerator Growth Program to guide, mentor and help students with career options after completing the program at FLAME.
Unlike the pressure to choose between the streams of Arts, Science or Commerce at the outset, we believe that students should make informed choices after being exposed to a variety of disciplines. The world of work is also inter-disciplinary and requires multiple skill sets. Through an exposure to a variety of courses, students pick up skills across areas that enable them to make connections across all that they learn and a combination of insights is enabled by unique major and minor focus areas
By offering a fourth year option, students can elaborate on what they’ve learned by undertaking more in-depth research through a dissertation project and more intense coursework. This way they are better prepared to undertake specializations at the Masters level or professionally.
FLAME University offers the widest variety of major minor combinations along with tremendous flexibility. By enabling these combinations, students can suit their particular academic needs. These range from specialisations in Science like Applied Mathematics and the forthcoming offering in Computer Science, to Business areas like Finance and Digital Marketing, and also across traditional BA offerings in Psychology and Economics (among many more) and minors in Dance, Design and Music. By also offering interdisciplinary majors in Environmental Studies, International Studies, Literary and Cultural Studies, and Public Policy, students can undertake a course of study that is unavailable in most undergraduate curricula in India. Additionally, we are focused on experiential learning in a global context and support this by a strong portfolio of language offerings in Indian languages and foreign ones like Japanese, Persian and Mandarin.
Through a wide range of offerings, the first year affords a wide degree of choice to introduce students to the many disciplines in academia. Alongside this, though we also emphasise fundamental skills in writing, digital literacy and more that constitute the common core.
FLAME University has had several national level sports players attend our academic programme and we provide full support. Our facilities include Tennis, Basketball and volleyball courts, a football ground with six lines running tracks, Cricket pitch, and an outdoor Olympic size Swimming pool. There are facilities for indoor games like Badminton, Snooker, Squash and Table Tennis in the sports complex. We also have Chess, gym and Martial Arts. FLAME University has arrangements with the adjacent Golf course for students to play Golf. Also, there is provision for a sports scholarship, provided certain criteria are met. For more information visit the scholarship section of the website: https://www.flame.edu.in/admissions/scholarships

FLAME University's Career Services Office and Higher Education Counseling Services provide personalized career resources to help students make an impact in their professional lives. Our end-to-end career services include workshops on resume building, personality development, aptitude test simulations, and group discussions to prepare students for success in the corporate world. We also offer guidance for students interested in pursuing higher education or entrepreneurship.

Our Career Services Office invites industry experts to showcase our campus and faculty, providing students with the opportunity to connect with potential employers and assess the talent pool. We also connect students with alumni mentors who share their experiences and provide realistic career advice.

Our student representative body, PlaceComm, works closely with the Career Services office to design and implement guidelines for student engagement in placement and internship opportunities. We also connect students with recruiters across different domains, facilitating both on-campus and off-campus placement and internship processes.

For more information about our career services, please visit the Career Services section of our website: https://www.flame.edu.in/career-services.

Students can spend a semester or summer abroad in our partner universities round the world. For further information, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit the study abroad section of the website: https://www.flame.edu.in/global-connect/study-abroad