FLAME University


Please stay tuned in for more updates on the program dates and schedule.

We select between 10-15 early stage startups twice a year that receive deep mentoring through an intense 5 month program to set them on a growth path with a refined pitch for investors.

Participation in the FLAME ORIGINS Program is completely free – you don’t pay tuition fees or part with equity. However, we expect the founders to be fully committed to their startups and to the FLAME ORIGINS Program.

We look for driven entrepreneurs who are committed to building a successful company. Ideally, the startup should be revenue positive and have upto 25 paying customers. At the least, the startup should have full time founders with a ready product that has been pilot tested.

Program Details

The Director and Program Manager work with you very closely during the program to ensure that you maximize from the program. They will connect you to business mentors, subject matter experts and investors as you go through the program. Think of them as ‘General Practitioners’ that diagnose your problem with you and guide you to the ‘Specialist’ who then works with you to solve the problem. The program will help you with the following:

Achieve Traction
The program is structured to push you to your limits and achieve milestones that would otherwise have taken longer. We do this through a combination of workshops, one on one mentoring sessions and weekly reviews. However, the onus is on you to ensure that you extract the most out of the program and network provided to grow your business.

Gain Strategic and Functional Guidance
We understand that dealing with ambiguity and decision making is a challenge at the early stages of a startup. At the incubator program, entrepreneurs and business leaders help you remain objective and guide you on strategic and functional areas of your business.

Gain Access to Customers, Partners and Investors
Depending on your progress through the program, we make introductions to potential customers, partners and investors that help you grow your business.

Gain Access to Resources
You will have access to world-class facilities on the beautiful FLAME University campus through the duration of the program. You will have access to service providers and an online resource library during and after the program.

Gain Alumni Benefits
While you may graduate from the program, our association is for life and you will always have access to events and resources to help you grow your business.

What will the Startup Founders receive?

  • A how-to-learn and adapt strategy
  • Access to world-class facilities including a co-working space and FLAME Library resources
  • A pool of advisors
  • Business traction
  • A go-to-market strategy
  • An investment-worthy pitch deck
  • Clear and actionable next steps for growth path