FLAME University



The aim of the centre is to promote teaching and research in applied mathematical sciences, including the social sciences, with particular emphasis on practicality combined with academic interest. The focus will be on cross-fertilisation and adaptation of ideas and techniques culled from various disciplines such as MathematicsStatisticsTheoretical Physics and Computational Sciences for the solution of problems in various fields of academic endeavor and industrial relevance. The scope of its research interests is diverse and will confront challenges in various areas of Theoretical Physics, Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation of real world problems arising in the industry and academics, Computational Biology, Geophysics, Mathematical/Quantitative Finance, Economics and in other social sciences in which the importance of mathematical modelling is increasingly being recognized and appreciated. 

In the coming years, it plans to undertake both long-term and short-term research and consultancy projects on theoretical exploration and mathematical modelling of various systems and processes arising in natural, applied and social sciences, including finance. In addition, it will be co-ordinating /supporting the activities such as Meetings/Conferences, Lecture Series, and build academic relationships with other institutions.