FLAME University




FLAME Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) has been conceived and created to create an impact in the academic-practicum domain of Public Policy by delivering cutting-edge inter-disciplinary education, research and engagement of civil society for moulding public opinion. FCPP exists to spread knowledge and awareness among faculty and students through the promotion of research, training and dialogue among key stakeholders in larger society. This will be possible by creating a superlative education and research relevant for policy research; training and mentoring future leaders in formulation and execution of policy through world-class programmes; and engaging with stakeholders to affect public policy through publications such as discussion papers, working papers, occasional papers, books, articles and organizing symposiums, special lectures, etc.


The objectives of the Centre are as follows:

  1. to promote and conduct research in matters pertaining to:
  2. developing substantive policy options;
  3. building appropriate theoretical frameworks to guide policy;
  4. forecasting future scenarios through rigorous policy analyses;
  5. building a knowledge base in all the disciplines relevant to policy formulation;
  6. to plan, promote and provide for education and training in policy planning and management areas, and to organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, study courses, lectures and similar activities for the purpose;
  7. to provide advisory services to government, public bodies, private sector or any other institutions including international agencies on matters having a bearing on performance, optimum use of national resources for social and economic betterment;
  8. to disseminate information on policy issues and knowhow on policy making and related areas by undertaking and providing for the publication of journals, reports, pamphlets and other literature and research papers and books;
  9. to engage the public sphere in policy debates; produce policy briefs to liaise with legislatures; and
  10. to create a community of researchers.

FCPP engages in research and publication, teaching and research, and training and consultation with a clear focus on improving strategies and procedures of decision-making and policy formulation in both public and private sectors.