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The Centre for inter-disciplinary Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is a research centre at FLAME University focused on developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications tailored to India's needs and the Indian context.

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable growth, with significant advancements in various applications. One of the noteworthy developments in the recent past is the rise of powerful large language models, such as GPT from OpenAI. Chatbots based on these have showcased adaptability and versatility, making them suitable for diverse scenarios. India, with its rich linguistic diversity and unique challenges, offers a vast landscape for AI development. It is crucial to develop AI tools in multiple Indian languages to make technology accessible and inclusive. The Centre aims to address these challenges and ensure that AI applications benefit every section of society.

India, owing to its geographical diversity and climatic dynamics, is prone to a multitude of weather and climate-related threats, ranging from acute disasters such as floods and cyclones, to more longer-term threats such as droughts and heatwaves. While physics-based numerical methods have been largely successful in dealing with these challenges, they are computationally very expensive and relatively harder to customise at a local and regional level. The centre also aims to harness the transformative power of AI in creating robust local and regional models for sustainability and disaster mitigation.

Call for Proposals

CAI invites collaborative research proposals for developing AI applications in varied fields from faculty members at FLAME University. The centre explicitly encourages inter-disciplinary proposals from faculty members who are from disciplines other than computer science. This call is not restricted to specific themes, and is meant to enable work on a wide range of topics in line with the expansive breadth of domains that the FLAME faculty body has expertise in. However, we specifically encourage proposals that deal with Indian languages, music, art or other aspects of India’s cultural context. Other data-driven projects based on economic, demographic or other public datasets from India will also be prioritised. The centre will allocate manpower (such as software developers and interns) to work on the selected projects along with providing the necessary computational resources required for the project. Please click here to view further details and to submit your proposal.

Software Developer/Intern Positions 

We are excited to invite fresher/student software developers to join our team at the centre! These positions are suitable for recent graduates or current senior year college students who have strong programming skills, interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and who have a strong interest in pursuing higher studies or careers in research in the near future. The application form is here and also contains some details about the positions. 

The centre is currently in its formative stage and will ramp up its activities during the year 2024. Please stay tuned for more updates!