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(In association with TimesPro, ET CASES, Emerald Emerging Market Cases, and International Journal of Global Business Competitiveness)

28th July 2023


Teaching through cases has become integral to education and training across several academic and professional disciplines. The case teaching method requires learners to solve issues/decision dilemmas in a real-world setting as captured in printed and/or multimedia cases. Thus, case-based teaching better prepare learners for real-life issues/ decision dilemmas than traditional lecture-based teaching.

FLAME Case Conference is an annual conference. We regularly invite academicians, researchers, and professionals within and outside India to submit their documented pedagogical innovations, industry experiences/practices, and teaching/research cases.


The proposed conference has the following objectives.

  • To encourage the development of cases focused on themes relevant to the Indian context across various domains.
  • To create a platform for case writers to improve their cases through constructive feedback from the reviewers and conference participants.
  • To provide participating authors with opportunities for publication of their work.
  • To create a platform for executives and professionals to share their experiences/problem areas through practice-based cases to generate discussions and solutions.

ET Cases / Emerald Publishing / International Journal of Global Business Competitiveness Track

Multidisciplinary Focus: We invite submissions of experiences/practices, teaching, and research-based cases across multiple business disciplines. Please see the tracks for more information.

  1. Marketing/ Consumer Behaviour/ Digital Marketing/ Communications
  2. Finance & Accounting / International Business / Competitiveness/ Strategy /Entrepreneurship
  3. Human Resource Management / Organisational Dynamics/ Learning and Development/ Leadership
  4. Operations/Business Analytics/ Data Science/Supply Chain Management


The copyright of submissions presented at this conference will remain with the submitting authors. However, post to the conference, authors of a few selected high-quality submissions would be invited to publish in a reputed journal/case repository. Their submissions would only be published if they gave their prior consent and completed the process of passing their copyrights to the publisher. A few selected submissions that were presented at our earlier conferences are now part of The Case Centre, ET Cases repository and were also published in the form of a joint book by the ET Cases and the FLAME University.


ET CASES is an initiative of the Times of India Group, India’s largest and most diversified media conglomerate. Our vision is to enable effective and efficient classroom delivery through case-driven pedagogy at undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and corporate levels. ET CASES aims at creating value for the entire management fraternity, including aspiring managers, faculty from business schools, and practicing managers from wide spectrum of companies and industries.

ET CASES is India’s first-ever Case Clearing House, i.e., an autonomous institution that facilitates aggregation and publication of case studies from case authors across the world, across a spectrum of management subjects and industry verticals. As of September 2021, ET CASES has a repository of 700+ case products.

ET CASES focuses on and fosters Co-creation and Pedagogical Innovation in developing and delivering relevant and rigorous case studies in the management domain. ET CASES practices and advocates the collaborative principle in disseminating knowledge to enable efficient and effective decision-making. With a mandate and prophesized and practiced advocacy of collaborating to create value, ET CASES has partnered with several illustrious Indian education institutions including IIT Kharagpur, IIM Kozhikode, XLRI, , IMT Ghaziabad, IMT Nagpur, Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, FLAME University,, etc.

ET CASES also focuses on innovation to make learning more effective and interesting. The Case Flyer, the Case Spot and the Case Lens are some of ET CASES’ innovative products. In the pipeline are several other innovative pedagogical products that can refine and redefine learning styles. ET CASES products are India-centric and contemporary in nature, spanning all the functional and new-age management areas. ET CASES’ product portfolio includes Case Studies, Caselets, Case Flyers, Case Briefs, Case Frames, Case Slides, Case Spots, Case Lens, Case Views, Case Suites, Case Debates, etc.

ET CASES strives to be a Centre of Excellence to deliver innovative and highly relevant content to enable learner-centric and experiential learning.


Emerging Markets Case Studies (EMCS)  is a Scopus-indexed collection of discussion-based teaching case studies. EMCS specializes in case research from and about emerging markets and developing economies, regions with unique and important insights which are traditionally underrepresented in teaching case collections. All cases accepted into EMCS are rigorously reviewed to ensure their learning objectives facilitate dynamic classroom discussion and help faculty plan how best to use the case. All authors looking to submit to EMCS should review the author guidelines to ensure their case complies with the publication’s requirements:  https://emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/emcs


The International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness (JGBC, co-published with Springer) is a quality journal now in Volume 18. Indexed in more than 10 major countries, JGBC helps take your work to more than 50 countries through Springer. JGBC may consider select high quality competitiveness or related cases (e.g. at interfaces with IB/ OM/HR/Finance/Management of Technology and Innovation (MoT) after regular review processes. JGBC prefers short cases (max. 3000 words including references; appendix containing supporting tables / figures can be given in supplementary file). Authors desirous of publishing their cases or papers with JGBC must read relevant papers to get a glimpse on context, quality and author guidelines.



  1. ET Cases – FLAME Case Writer Award (first) with a cash prize of Rs. 10000.
  2. ET Cases – FLAME Case Writer Award (runner-up) with a cash prize of Rs. 7000.


The authors can submit original and unpublished documented pedagogical innovations, industry experiences/ practices, and cases.

  1. Primary data-based cases are preferred. However, secondary data-based cases, with proper referencing, would also be acceptable. The cases written with secondary data should mention all the sources of information and take the onus of originality, while cases based on primary data must have organizational consent.
  2. Sometimes, in writing cases, one has to disguise the names of real organizations and people to protect privacy. However, authors should avoid using names such as ABC Ltd and Mr. XYZ. Instead, authors should use such disguised names.
  3. Plagiarism is prohibited. Authors must ensure that the information in their submissions do not violate copyrights. Any such instances of violation of copyrights will solely be the responsibility of the concerned author(s) for any copyrighted material to be used in submissions. Author(s) must obtain prior written permission from the copyright owner.
  4. The submitted case should not have been presented at any previous conference or any public forum.


  1. The full paper may have the following structure:
    • Title Page
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Main Body of the paper includes all facts and issues related to the documented pedagogical innovation/ industry experience/case (this can have multiple sections depending on the requirement of the situation)
    • Closing section
    • Tables and Exhibits
    • References
  2. There is no prescribed length and word limit for the full teaching case However, good papers on pedagogical innovations/ industry experiences/case situations provide adequate contextual information yet are not too lengthy. Some of the best teaching cases in these categories have lengths of 5 to 15 pages, including information in tables and exhibits.
  3. Font Requirements: Font size-12; Font Type-Times New Roman; Line Spacing-Single; Subheadings- Arial font, size 10, Bold, mixed case as opposed to all capitals.
  4. The pedagogical innovations/ industry experiences/case situations are to be written in the past tense as they have already occurred.
  5. Your teaching case should have a proper flow and accurate language to be considered acceptable.
  6. All tables, figures, and exhibits must be placed at the end of the text and sequentially referenced within the text. The source for every table, figure, and exhibit must be mentioned under the same.
  7. APA style for in-text citations and referencing is preferred. However, other major, accepted styles may also be used if consistent usage is maintained.


  • Amitabh Deo Kodwani, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Indore
  • Arnab K Laha, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  • Dishan Kamdar, Vice Chancellor, FLAME University Pune
  • Ganesh N Prabhu, Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Kirankumar S. Momaya, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • Michael Goldman, Professor, University of San Francisco
  • Nagendra Chowdary, Head - Academic Content, TimesPro, BCCL Group Company
  • Rahman Zillur, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee


01 July 2023 - Submission of Final Case
15 July 2023 - Acceptance of Final Case
20 July 2023 - Registration Deadline


The participants who submit/present their papers at the conference will pay the registration fees as per the given category:

  Delegates from Indian Organisations Delegates from Foreign Organisations
Industry Rs. 3500/- USD 90/-
Academicians Rs. 2500/- USD 75/-
Students (produce necessary proof) Rs. 1500/- USD 50/-

In case you want to transfer the registration fees electronically, the relevant account details are as under: -

Name of the Bank Bank of India
Branch Lavale, Pune 411042
Current A/c No 062020110000581
RTGS / IFSC Code BKID0000620


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