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FLAME University prides itself in the richness of resources that it makes available to its students, faculty and other researchers for teaching, learning, and for spearheading front line research. The University actively supports and promotes student and faculty participation in conferences, seminars, workshop and various other international collaborations. These are part of the University’s commitment towards inculcation of an abiding and effective research culture. It is ensured at all times that all stake holders have easy, ready, and up-to-date access to top-of-the-line academic and allied resources for furtherance of respective and University’s educational objectives as a top-tier international research university.

Vivekananda Library
The FLAME Vivekananda Library with its state-of-the-art building, hardware, software and other allied resources is fast developing into one of the finest institutional libraries in the country.
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Student Support
FLAME University provides its students a strong backing at every step of their journey. From improving themselves academically to getting advice on student life and career paths, FLAME students have a supportive community behind them.
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FLAME University places great emphasis on holding academic and professional conferences that offer faculty, students and other professionals a platform for sharing of ideas and techniques, debating their importance.
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Ignite Magazine
IGNITE is FLAME University's magazine. It is published twice every year - in January (Winter Issue) and July (Monsoon Issue). It carries interviews with faculty members & researchers, theme-based short articles, teaching innovations as well as student research.
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