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Flame Universitys Unique Major Minor Combinations
17 /Nov 2023
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FLAME University's Unique Major-Minor Combinations: Student Testimonials and Insights into their Holistic Academic Journeys

At FLAME University, interdisciplinary liberal education is at the core of academic philosophy. Our students have the opportunity to craft their educational journeys by exploring a wide range of major-minor combinations. These combinations empower them to delve into diverse fields of study, gaining a holistic understanding of various disciplines. Through this approach, students acquire in-depth knowledge and develop versatile skill sets that transcend traditional boundaries. 

FLAME University offers over 350 distinctive major-minor combinations. These combinations empower students to tailor their academic journey to their passions and career aspirations. Here are a few student testimonials showcasing how these distinctive combinations enrich their education and prepare them for multifaceted and rewarding career paths.

Siya Vohra,
Undergraduate Student

Major: Economics
Minor: Psychology

Personally, I believe that Psychology is one domain that is extremely ubiquitous and merges with other fields very well. My experience with FLAME has been very insightful, in terms of both academic and application aspects. After gaining theoretical knowledge of these two domains, i.e., economics and psychology, I got the opportunity to apply my knowledge in the Summer Internship Program mandated by the University. I explored both of these domains practically, which provided me with the skills to make thoughtful choices that hold significance both in financial and human terms. My experiences have led me to a profound grasp of consumer behavior, societal trends, and organizational operations.

Ayman Aboobacker,
Undergraduate Student

Major: Entrepreneurship
Minor: Design

Opting for an Entrepreneurship major with a Design minor has been a transformative factor in my academic journey. This choice has not only granted me insights into the field of startups, business strategies, and market dynamics, but the addition of the Design minor has also elevated my capacity to introduce creativity and aesthetics at the forefront of my entrepreneurial endeavors. I've developed the skill to perceive business challenges from a distinct perspective, integrating design thinking to create standout solutions.

Sanvi Madan,
Undergraduate Student

Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Public Policy

My major in Environmental Studies has deepened my comprehension of ecological processes and the urgency for conservation efforts. Along with my minor in Public Policy, I've garnered insights into policy-making and its potential for effecting real-world change. This amalgamation has helped me understand environmentally conscious policies and actively engage in sustainability initiatives. I am enthusiastic about contributing at the intersection of environmental preservation and policy formulation, striving to create a positive impact on the future of our planet.

Manikanta Chavvakula,
Undergraduate Student

Major: Business Analytics
Minor: Design

I enjoy developing products that have a positive impact on people's lives. Due to my strong background in innovation, I decided to explore areas where technology, design, and business converge. I pursued a major in Business Analytics and a minor in Design, which allowed me to gain insights into various business-related topics such as operations, management, and finance. I also gained technical knowledge in advanced statistics, machine learning, and neural networks, as well as design skills like user-focused product development, design processes, and tools such as Figma and user testing. Through this education, I have learned how to create products that meet people's needs and how to bring them to market through business. I am confident that this knowledge will help me do things I love doing and help me generate a real impact in the world!

FLAME University's commitment to offering a diverse array of major-minor combinations empowers students to shape their educational journeys in unique and meaningful ways. Whether it's blending economics and psychology, entrepreneurship and design, environmental studies and public policy, or business analytics and design, FLAME University encourages students to think beyond traditional academic boundaries. This holistic approach to learning not only fosters a deep understanding of various disciplines but also encourages students to apply their knowledge in practical settings.


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