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Bachelor’s programs can be your gateway to higher education at top International institutions or a stepping stone for rewarding careers. Alum Vidhi Doshy managed to do both, at the same time. The Gold Medalist from Faculty of Communications also struck gold in her academic and career pursuits thanks to the Liberal Arts foundation her university provided her. “It wasn’t just useful but it also molded me into who I am today,” she says effusively as she looks back.

Her four years at the university kindled the flame for digital marketing in Vidhi. She went on to do her Masters in Management (Marketing) from Melbourne Business School while carefully crafting her career. The Social Media Coordinator, Zib Digital highlights, “The fulltime job I had while doing my Masters is a reflection of Major-Minor choices I had at FLAME University. Digital Marketing and Advanced Digital Marketing taught me real life practical skills,” she adds.

Vidhi had picked Branding and Digital Marketing as her Majors but it was her choice of subjects like psychology, filmmaking, advertising and journalism that helped her broaden her horizons. She mentions- “When I was studying them I didn’t realize the impact they would have on me. They redefined the way I perceive things, gave me a strong edge, and certainly enhanced my employability. In fact, it was crucial for job interviews.”

Vidhi refers to FLAME University as her temple and her time on campus as the golden period. And it’s not just because of the Gold Medal she won. Her list of achievements is remarkable.

  • She was the batch captain in the first and last year of her program and displayed her leadership abilities. 
  • As part of Discover India Program - the six months’ ethnographic project, she honed her research skills, creativity and teamwork.
  • She recalls her six courses with Prof. Sajith Narayanan as internships. The skills she gained from them helped her bag both her jobs after graduation.
  • She was part of the team that participated in Google Online Marketing Challenge and ranked 2nd in Asia Pacific region and 7th globally.

Vidhi maintained that form in Australia as she was President of the Indian Graduate Student Society. She has represented the Indian community at Australia India Institute, and handled exciting Marketing campaigns for brands, big and small. “Digital is the future, and the future is here. Everyone can learn marketing, but understanding how the digital ecosystem works, the tools and software you need, will give you the edge in your career,” she signs off.