The latest happenings in the FLAME Community

As an endeavor to provide high school students with an opportunity to experience Liberal Education on a University campus, FLAME University continued its efforts to host its Summer Immersion Program from May 13 to May 24, 2018. High school students (Std. X, XI and XII) from different parts of the country participated in the program. 

The program attempted to strengthen skills of the participating students through a mix of academic and non-academic modules, thus laying a strong foundation to succeed in college and beyond. The inter-disciplinary curriculum emphasized critical thinking, research, engagement with perse ideas and perspectives, while inculcating the values of leadership, teamwork and effective communication. The academic modules were contemporary and relevant. There were a mix of lectures, outdoor and co-curricular activities and field trips that students participated in.

Some of the lectures included subjects like Reading Literature, Theatre Studies, Cultural Studies, Contemporary Issues, Critical Thinking, Film Screening, Film Studies, Writing Skills, Story Telling, Science & Society, Music Appreciation, Indian Society & Culture, Research and Presentation, Communication and Media Literacy, Basics of Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking and Debate, Basics of Law & Jurisprudence, Future of Education and Liberal Education in Context. 

Other activities included Theatre Performance, Garden Walk, Organic Farming, Design Exploration, Calligraphy, Music Performance, Book Review, Understanding Contemporary Dance, Study Tour to Jadhavgarh, EVS Field Trip, Zumba, Talent Parade, Amazing Brain, Ice Breakers and Yoga. 

All these sessions were conducted by reputed and renowned faculty. Dr. Neeti Bose, who was spearheading the entire program expressed, “This batch of high school students was a very enthusiastic and responsive batch. They participated in all planned activities with full energy and vigor and definitely got a taste of the FLAME University experience. I am quite sure that we have had a positive impact on them and they would consider coming back to FLAME University.”

The program concluded on May 24, 2018. Dr. Neeti Bose gave an overview of the program to an audience comprising of parents, participating students and other members from FLAME University, followed by certificates being distributed by Vice Chancellor, Dr. Devi Singh.