FLAME in the news | April 14, 2021
The CBSE Class 12 board exams have been postponed and the Class 10 exams have been cancelled, the government said on Wednesday.

The CBSE’s decision on Wednesday to postpone Class XII exams and cancel Class X exams met with mixed reactions from academicians in Pune.

Vinesh Menon, CEO of Ampersand Group (Vibgyor School), said, “Given the situation on the ground, with a strong surge of Covid-19 cases, the decision of CBSE to postpone Class XII exams and cancel Class X exams needs to be respected. But it is unfair to Class XII students who, at a critical juncture of their scholastic years, could experience a burnout while continuously preparing for the exams in the middle of these repeated postponement/cancellations. The ministry must use this postponement period to build a step-by-step plan B to conduct Class XII exams within a fixed time-frame irrespective of whether the Covid situation changes or not after the postponement period, enable the auto promotion of students from Class X to Class XI, simulate the question papers digitally and share them with Class X students to self-evaluate and upload the answers on to a portal for future records. Communicating and implementing a Plan B for Class XII students will also help bring clarity for parents, teachers, students and school managements who can support the government to successfully implement Plan B should the current situation continue.”

Dr Dishan Kamdar, vice-chancellor of FLAME University, said that while the move provides relief to students, it will, however, impact colleges and universities. “Like all higher education institutions, we will have to assess the admission cycles and processes for the incoming 2021-2022 batch to accommodate the postponement of Class XII final examinations,” he said.

Career counsellor Kedar Takalkar termed the cancellation of Class X exam as an “injustice to all sincere students” who had already prepared well for the exams. “We know that Class X percentage is not considered to a great extent in the future other than for Class XI admission. Hence, in the long term, the cancellations won’t affect career decisions or success. Very few students will take keen interest in objective or regular exams which may be conducted in the future and most will prefer result based on internal assessment, because in the latter, percentage will be far better than the percentage that could have been scored under normal exam condition. Since scoring good percentage is a self-motivation factor for students as well as parents, which confirms that knowledge dissemination was done throughout the year, that spirit will be lacking definitely,” he said.