The FLAME Alumni association serves as a professional and personal networking channel for our alumni, thereby enabling them to stay in touch with each other and the institute. The key role of the FLAME Alumni Network is to provide a platform that will facilitate and enable former students to continue to be interested and involved in the life of the institute. It serves as a vehicle that will strive for continual improvement of alumni on an individual and collective basis through the process of networking and role modeling.

We’re a new institution and our alumni network is not the largest. But the earnest efforts involved are really large, as is the initiative. The association, as it evolves, is expected to build and maintain a respectful relationship with the larger community, wherein every individual members of the association are ambassadors supporting the vision & mission of FLAME. 

We always ensure the alumni are always informed of and invited to upcoming graduations and other special events. A quarterly Alumni Newsletter helps alumni to stay abreast of the happenings at the institute they once called home. Although geographical and work constraints don’t let all those who wish to attend come for the events; for some, we feel it is a step to ensure our alumni feel like a part of their alma mater. We also host an alumni lunch that’s attended by the alumni and their families as well as the upcoming graduates. This helps rekindle old connections and contacts but also establish new ones.