FLAME University


Turning Passion to Purpose

Undergraduate students at FLAME University can chose from over 350 major-minor combinations which is very unique in an Indian context. Students at FLAME have the opportunity to engage in academic programs across cognate areas, which is not always possible in the traditional higher education system. At FLAME students can choose to specialize in two different areas. The primary area of specialization is known as the major, and the secondary area of specialization, is known as the minor. This provision allows students to balance their divergent interests by exploring the Social Sciences or Business along with coursework in the Humanities or even the Physical and Natural Sciences. It also allows them to combine programs with a research and academic focus such as International Studies and Psychology, with programs that involve more hands-on professional training in Mass Media such as Marketing, Advertising & Branding, Film & TV etc. Students can also choose to complete an independent research project which presents students with an opportunity to either focus on that specific discipline or to identify areas of intersection between their major and minor and raise related questions. Please find below the various major-minor combinations offered at the undergraduate level at FLAME University. Each major-minor option is subject to a minimum number of students choosing a particular combination.

General Management and Communication Studies are not available as majors in the four-year undergraduate program.

Computer Science and Design Major *

Computer Science

*Interdisciplinary majors. Not offered as minors. Only offered as majors. No minor combination possible.



Data Science and Economics Major*

Computer Science

* Interdisciplinary majors. Not offered as minors. Only offered as majors. No minor combination possible.