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From this department, we offer four majors: Journalism, Advertising & Branding, Film & Television Management and Digital Marketing & Communication.


The Journalism program introduces Mass Media in India and their role and importance in a democratic country. Focus of teaching is on Print, Electronic and Online Journalism. It has emphasis on newspaper journalism as it covers study on newspaper organisation including its editorial, advertising, printing press and circulation departments. Students are expected to learn news gathering, news writing and editing the text for newspapers. The students are trained to write and edit news and features for daily newspapers, news agencies, and online contents. The writing for newspaper is useful to everyone who wishes to take up even allied careers such as advertising, public relations, and technical writing. They are trained to design newspaper and magazine pages using software like InDesign.

The students learn to use camera and audio recorders to collect news for radio and television channels. Their training includes editing for radio stations and for TV bulletins. The students are trained to anchor radio and TV bulletins and participate in panel discussions. Introduce the students to the basics of online journalism and role of social media in the democratic processes.



The Advertising program focuses on the study of diverse aspects of marketing efforts to carry out a firm's strategy in its target markets. It will guide students through various approaches to understand the complexities and processes of marketing decision making and the role of advertising.

This major covers a wide range of topics that enable students to develop a critical understanding of basic concepts and theories of the subject, leading to the study of specialized areas such as Marketing strategy, Brand Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising Creative, Idea Generation and Entrepreneurship among others. Students are trained in the Marketing research methods which help them grasp both qualitative and quantitative research traditions.

The program specific courses in the major introduce students to basic concepts and varied fields of Marketing, focusing mostly on the communication and advertising aspects. The course has a business orientation and prepares students to make creative decisions keeping in mind the strategic goals of the company. The advanced courses train the students in digital and new media and its intersection with advertising and marketing strategy. This program prepares students for graduate study in any of the specialized fields of Advertising.



The Film and Television Management program of study is designed for developing independent-thinking, creative, effective and responsible professionals in the field of film and television.

The program combines learning creative and technical skills required for being an effective film and television management professional, management and business skills required to work in the real world of film & television management and basic concepts in Humanities, social sciences and arts to develop a broad perspective for the film and television management professional.

Accordingly, the curriculum of Film and Television Management covers subjects such as Creative Writing, Video Production, World Cinema, Indian Cinema, TV Basics, TV Programming etc in the area of Film and Television Management; Journalism, Corporate Communications, Digital Media, in the area of Mass Media; introduction to marketing, finance, making business plans, research methods in the area of management sciences and offers an exposure to Humanities, social sciences and select fine and performing arts.

The Film and Television Management program thus offers an extensive understanding of the medium of film and television management along with insights into the field of mass media in general. Students are also trained in research methods that enable them to conduct research-oriented studies. The program also provides a real-life exposure to the students by taking a field project in the said discipline.



The Digital Marketing and Communication (DMaC) program aims to provide knowledge, skills and perspective about the general field of marketing and marketing communication with specific inputs on Digital marketing and digital communication. In today’s world digital platforms for communication, search, interaction and purchase are gaining importance because of the increase in the penetration and a large number of activities getting transferred from the brick and mortar to the digital medium. This emerging trend has led to the launch of this new program on digital marketing and communication.

The programme aims to provide learning in the related fields of marketing and communication with specific inputs on Digital Marketing and Communication. The programme will provide knowledge in the three domains namely the domain of general management, the domain of communication and the domain of marketing with inputs on the different aspects of digital marketing and communication. The specific inputs on digital marketing and communication will include courses like Search Marketing, Social Local and Mobile Marketing and Digital Marketing Metrics. The programme includes writing a research based Grad Project to provide depth to the learning.