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From this department, we offer two majors : Finance and Entrepreneurship.


The program in Finance provides the students an opportunity to pursue their academic interests in the subject of Finance. The program exposes students to multiple and critical areas in the Major of Finance right from the basics of financial accounting and management accounting to advanced areas such as Derivatives and Global finance. Besides this, students are also provided an opportunity to understand and apply concepts in important verticals such as Insurance and Banking.

In this program the students are exposed to a wide range of core courses through which they achieve a holistic learning of Business administration while focusing on an in-depth study Finance through the major. Throughout the program a strategic application perspective has been incorporated and emphasized so as to provide the students with both a conceptual foundation along with an exposure to real life business scenarios.

The introductory courses are geared towards study of economics, accounting principles, and improving skills in the areas of quantitative analysis, accounting, business communication and Organisational Behaviour. The next set of core courses train students in various functional areas of Business management covering Marketing Management, Operations management, Human resource Management and Management Information system supplemented by a study of Business laws and Business research methods.

Along with electives in Business management, a project in the area of finance domain is also incorporated to provide the students with exposure to real life applications in the domain and an overall understanding of the work environment.



The major in Entrepreneurship focuses on developing self employable competencies and entrepreneurial mind set and on the process of new venture creation such as ideation, innovation, business plan, venture financing and family business. It goes beyond the mere introduction of concepts and frameworks, but covers practical application and equpping students with the information, knowledge and skills required for new venture creation and/or family business management and growth.

The Entrepreneurship major offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of entrepreneurship and focuses on building entrepreneurial attitude and behaviour that will lead to creative solutions across work settings within environments. This program trains students to generate ideas and solutions through application of creative techninques, environment scanning, trend spotting and so on. They are also trained in converting these ideas into vaible business opprtunities by evolving and innovating a sustanable business model. This program covers a range of new venture financing options such as bootstrapping, seed fund, angel fund, venture capital, private equity and bank borrowings etc.

The courses focus on refining critical abilities by training in synthesis, critical analysis and exposure to the basic courses in business management. The introductory courses are geared towards study of economics, accounting principles, and improving skills in the areas of quantitative analysis, business communication and Organisational Behavior. The advanced courses in the major focus on the skills of developing business plan, exposing them to various new venture funding options, steps in launching a new venture and entrepreneurial marketing. The program in Entrepreneurship allows students to pursue their career interests in Entrepreneurship & self-employment and wealth creation by undertaking focused academic and practical work in area.