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From this department, we offer one major : Human Resource Management


The program in Human Resource Management provides the students an opportunity to pursue their academic interests in the subject of Human Resources. The program is designed to develop analytical thinking and a practical perspective among the management students and to go beyond mere exploration of the texts by viewing the various aspects of human behaviour as an individual and in groups effecting the overall system i.e. organisation.

The Human Resource major offers a unique approach to the study of human behaviour and its impact on overall performance of an organisation. It enables students to engage in an informed contextual analysis of various human resource management practices in any organisation and interpretation in the overall business strategy. The courses give insight in human resource management process of building, developing and retaining the employees in organisations from various sectors and business levels. The courses introduces students to various practices of recruitment, development and engagement of human resource and their contextual understanding, focusing on exploring multiple perspectives while anchored in a relevant theoretical framework of business management.

The courses at the introductory level are designed towards developing a foundation and critical understanding of concepts of business management. The content in intermediate courses is designed to delve into the thematic aspects of each course and train the students into developing analytical skills for taking contextually informed decisions. The students will analyse the available literature on the best practices in field of business management especially focusing on people managment skills and issues and refining on their foundation level knowldege and skills.