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From this department, we offer one major: Literary and Cultural Studies.


The Literary and Cultural Studies (LCS) Program aims to expose students to the study of various literatures and cultural aspects such as visual art, religion, music, historical traditions, law and communities. Drawing upon the concepts and theoretical frameworks from different disciplines, this program enables students to evaluate varied perspectives to the study of literature, and cultural forms worldview.

The Literary and Cultural Studies major equips students to generate analysis and critical insights rooted in methodological approaches, through reflective reading and writing practices. It prepares students for advanced graduate-level studies in comparative literature, English literature, cultural studies, and other related disciplines. With its emphasis on critical thinking, evaluative reading of varied texts and analytical writing, this Program enables students to pursue career in Publishing, Editing, Content Writing, Journalism, Teaching and Academics.

The courses in the major introduce students to broad surveys of English literature, and study of historical traditions, religion, film and music. Intermediate courses focus on exposing students to the major theoretical frameworks of the discipline, literatures of western world and thematic aspects of historical and musical traditions. Advanced courses delve into the thematic aspects of literature focusing on translated works from India and recent literary works from the erstwhile colonies of British Empire. The cultural studies courses explore themes of nationality, law, regionalism, musical traditions and religious studies, with specific focus on South Asia. In these courses students learn to use interdisciplinary approach, evaluate multiple worldviews and generate critiques.