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From this department, we offer one major : Marketing


The major in Marketing allows students to develop an understanding in business management with special focus on marketing domain. The major in Marketing exposes students to multiple and critical areas in the subject right from the basics of Marketing management to understanding of Consumer Behavior and Business to Business marketing. The program is designed to develop analytical thinking among the management students and to sensitize them about the society and surrounding environment.

The program specific courses focus on refining the student's critical abilities by providing training in synthesis, critical analysis and exposure to the basic courses in business management. The courses are geared towards study of economics, accounting principles, and improving skills in the areas of quantitative analysis, business communication and Organisational behaviour. The courses on marketing research, sales and distribution, integrated marketing communication, business marketing, services marketing and customer relationship management provides an extensive understanding of marketing function. The course in marketing management aims to start developing the basic competencies in the area of corporate marketing. The core courses train students in various functional areas of Business management covering financial management, operations management, human resource management and management information system supplemented by a study of business laws and business research methods. Besides this a project in the area of marketing domain is also incorporated to provide the students with exposure to real life applications in the domain and an overall understanding of the work environment.