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Optional Fourth Year

FLAME University is the pioneer of liberal education in India. The undergraduate (UG) full-time residential degree program is anchored in liberal education, which provides a flexible program structure that is teamed with interdisciplinary learning. By building on a strong foundation, the program offers multiple avenues for cross-specialization across a wide array of disciplines which are offered as a Major and Minor. The course structure enables a seamless interface between disciplines and at the same time incorporates innovative pedagogical practices for efficient and effective learning outcomes.

The UG program at FLAME University captures the uniqueness, spirit and essence of liberal education. The curriculum and program structure stand on a strong footing both in terms of academic rigor and relevance to the times that we live in and exhibits ample flexibility to change and adapt to the emerging trends in education. FLAME University provides an educational environment that facilitates unhindered exchange of ideas, training and scholarship in a manner which places the student at the centre of the educational experience.

The FLAME Scholars Program is a residential program of 1-year duration which harnesses and builds upon the strengths of the liberal education philosophy.

It helps students to have a better understanding of an area of study in their chosen discipline. In addition, it empowers them with skills that will help them perform efficiently in their chosen career and prepares them for higher studies in their area of specialization. The program content, structure and pedagogy are geared towards nurturing and nourishing talent.

Research and scholarship in inter-disciplinary areas shall be an integral part of the program. The broad specializations will primarily be in the areas which we offer as majors in the undergraduate degree program and will harness the strengths of FLAME faculty in various disciplines. In addition, during this inter-disciplinary program, students will be educated to raise fitting questions and prepare themselves through appropriate courses in their quest for solutions.

A significant component of courses that are part of this program will be at the advanced undergraduate and Master’s level and will provide an in depth understanding of their area of specialisation.

Features of the Program

  • The duration of the FLAME Scholars program is 1 year (2 semesters).
  • Each semester will have 18 credit hours of courses.
  • The program will build on the strengths of the UG degree of FLAME University and shall be a seamless extension of the same.
  • The courses will be offered at the advanced undergraduate and Master’s level (300, 400, 500 and/or 600 levels). Students are eligible to take courses for which they have fulfilled the relevant prerequisites.
  • Research will be an integral component of the program. Internship/Field work, wherever relevant, is also part of the program.
  • The program shall embrace multiple forms of pedagogy ranging from classroom learning, directed study, independent learning, practicum, experiential learning and seminars.
  • Interests outside of the area of specialisation can be pursued with open electives.
  • In the second semester, in addition to other regular courses, the student may immerse in an inter-disciplinary research project and submit a dissertation or complete a project to partially fulfil the requirements of the program.
  • After successful completion of the program requirements, students are awarded a Postgraduate Diploma. The FLAME Scholars Program offers the following diplomas:
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies and Research
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies and Research
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies and Research
FLAME students can also have relevant credits earned in their undergraduate program considered towards the diploma and supplement it with additional courses in a specialisation different from what they pursued in their undergraduate degree and thereby earn an additional major through the diploma. For instance, a Psychology major who has done some courses in the area of Economics can choose to pursue additional courses in Economics to fulfil the requirements of a major in Economics which is awarded as a diploma. The same shall apply for other areas.

Sample Structure

Semester I Semester II
Major-1 Major-4
Major-2 Major-5
Major-3 Major-6 | Dissertation
Elective-1 Elective-3
Elective-2 Elective-4
Experiential Learning - Advanced Discover India Program Experiential Learning - Advanced Discover India Program


UG students of FLAME University who successfully complete their degree requirements with a CGPA of 6.00 or more are automatically eligible to be admitted to this program.

They will be provisionally admitted and their admission confirmed upon successful completion of their degree with a minimum CGPA of 6.00.

Last date for receipt of Applications

The current students of the UG program who wish to enrol in the FLAME Scholars program have to declare their intention by 31st of December in the third academic year of their study.


Fees shall be the same as the prevailing annual fees for the 3rd year of the UG program of their respective batch.