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Title: Schools and Beyond – A Talk on Contemporary Art
Speaker: Bose Krishnamachari

About the Session
Bose Krishnamachari is an independent curator and artist, who played an instrumental role in the organisation and conception of the first ever Biennale held in India at Kochi [2012 – 2013]. The constant, ongoing dialogue between tradition and modernity is one of the several reasons identified by Mr. Krishnamachari for the selection of Kochi as the location of this confluence and celebration of art and ideas.

Mr Krishnamachari’s interest lies in the extremities and juxtapositions of art [including form], the creation of contradiction but not confusion. In his opinion, the museum as a space becomes important because it leads to the creation of wealth, also known as ‘The Bilbao Effect’ and therefore curation is required to foster art.  It is imperative for artists to curate because the process and form is best understood by the artist himself.

During his talk, he also introduced various contemporary art movements and representative artists and their art works. A few examples of these [movements and artists respectively] include - The Abstract School and Jackson Pollock, Pop Art and Richard Hamilton, Super Realism and Chuck Close and Conceptual Art and Ai Weiwei. Many of these movements experiment with form, reaffirming his conviction in the temporal nature of style. He most emphatically remarked that art must transcend form.