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Title: Githa Hariharan on her book ‘Almost Home-Cities and Other Places’
Speaker: Githa Hariharan

About the Session
“Travel is not simply looking at other things, but also looking at oneself”. In this talk, Githa Hariharan, renowned novelist, discussed why she decided to take a break from her usual path and embark upon a new journey into the realms of non-fiction. She was inspired by Italian and American novelists and felt motivated to compile anecdotes from her own histories of travel into a thought-provoking and eye-opening work of literature which she has named Almost Home - Cities & Other Places.

Ms. Hariharan elaborated upon her exploration of issues of identity, freedom and justice through her book and outlined how she has attempted to geographically map these abstractions through her work. She revealed how she guides her readers through the lanes of her novel not through her eyes alone, but also the perspectives of poets and lovers to name a few. A flamboyant and eloquent speaker, she held the audience in rapture as she read aloud excerpts from her book.