FLAME University

Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PGPEI)

Empowering Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

The Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will challenge your beliefs, build an entrepreneurial mindset, identify high-potential opportunities and support you to launch new business ventures.

The program participants will visit Babson College for an international immersion and have an opportunity to explore local startup hubs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Hubli.

The participants will work on live startup projects and get an opportunity to work on new venture creation as a part of the program experience. Furthermore, the participants will get an opportunity to showcase their business ideas and new venture progress to business leaders and investors at various events. Lastly, the participants receive access to FLAME Origins Program, the startup accelerator by FLAME University to scale their ventures.

The PGP EI Program has experiential learning, rigorous academic processes, contextual curriculum, extensive industry interaction, and vibrant extracurricular activities which can be achieved best in a year-long residential setting.

FLAME University promotes the study of all things entrepreneurship – be it venture capital, fundraising, founding a startup, product innovation, creativity, design and development, entrepreneur biographies, tools and techniques to launch and grow ventures. FLAME Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation maintains an extensive collection of resources on entrepreneurship and innovation including books, articles, videos and access to people from the investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and abroad.

The Library of Mistakes is a charitable venture located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, founded to promote the study of financial history. The Library of Mistakes exists to allow students, professionals and members of the general public to study financial history to understand how finance has worked, rather than how it should work if key unrealistic assumptions are made. The Library of Mistakes is proud to announce its first international association with FLAME University's Vivekananda Library. This proves to be a great fit with the FLAME Investment Lab and its focus on business history, financial history and value investing.

Sports facilities for sports ranging from Golf, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Billiards are available on the FLAME University campus along with a Gymnasium and a Mix Martial Art Studio as well.

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